Name: EverNote

What it does: Keeps track of those hundreds of pieces of vital information (Like usernames and passwords, the combo to your bank lockbox, your spouse's social security number), in one place, searchable.
Score: (5/5)
"The best you will find anywhere"
Why, because, unlike Microsoft OneNote, it's not limited to Microsoft Office products, it works with all applications.

Why It stands Out:
* A notes program for people who manage a lot of little pieces of information and need to find it NOW!.
* Automatic backup and sync to mobile devices. Carry your notes with you.
* A notes grabber for both the desktop and the web. Highlight whatever you want to keep, hit the hot-key combination. Bingo, it's a searchable note.  Saves a lot of typing.
* Notes grabber is integrated into Word, Excel and PowerPoint
* Your EverNote comes with an email address.  You can email notes to yourself.
* Powerful and fast search.
* Clients for Windows, Mac and all mobile devices.  All your notes are available on all devices.

What it's missing: The free version will not let you attach files: Contents of files, yes, but whole files, no. The free version doesn't index image files or search for handwriting.

It can be slow to load up.  For those who don't need all the bells and whistles, CintaNotes is hard to beat.