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Each month we feature one of our talented Authors. Here you can see interviews, detailed biographies, and book summaries of some of the best in the industry.

Our Authors write technical questions on selected technologies that are used to attract, select, interview, test, train, and retain IT professionals via our state-of-the-art application. The questions are multiple choice and scenario-based, which assess actual real-world professional experience - not just book smarts. The questions are used for assessments, technical interviews, contests, and training exercises.

In October and November, we got to know James Lui
author of our Oracle Financials assessment

Please tell us a little about yourself.

LUI: My functional background is in production and operational management. I spent 10 years as a contract administrator/negotiator in several different industries before concentrating on technology-based application support. I have many varied interests and avocations which extend beyond the scope of this bio.

RN: What interested you about writing ReviewNet tests?

LUI: After several years of interviewing, I found that we were asking the same functional questions of candidates and potential contractors over and over again. No external resource had ever been used to simplify, expedite or streamline this review process. Review of certification results was providing the example exam study habits of a person, over their ability to solve problems and deliver production-ready solutions. ReviewNet fulfills a unique need for employers to send potential candidates through a standardized and replicable system of measurement that concentrates on what skills are needed, rather than reviewing someone's ability to memorize content.

RN: How do you keep up with changing technologies and the latest trends in the IT industry?

LUI:  I end up reviewing a LOT of books. The annual Oracle and Oracle Applications Users Group conferences are beneficial, as well.

RN: Tell us a little about your ReviewNet test.

LUI: The Oracle Financials test set is designed to provide assessment of a candidate's hands-on experience with the Oracle Applications. Most of the questions are designed around process or troubleshooting-related activity and cannot be successfully answered solely using reference materials. The test is suitable for use with entry-level positions (which will score on the low side, but with a few correct answers) through the advanced-level candidate with at least 2 to 3 years of experience.


RN: What advice would you give to someone learning your discipline?  Are there significant barriers to learning about this subject?


LUI: Knowing what your end-users need means more than listening to the advice of your vendors. Learn how and why people work the way they do, and provide solutions that enhance their ability to perform their functions - not as a demonstration of your technological prowess.


RN: What do you see as the future of Oracle Financials? Where would you like to see it go?

LUI: Systems support of financially-related applications will become increasingly centric around the end-user. As businesses increase their dependence on business-related justifications for changes and procedures, the historical approach of building-in complexity and endless administrative duties will come under increasing scrutiny.

RN: When did you decide to get into the Information Technology field?

LUI: As an end-user, I became increasingly frustrated with the level of support provided by traditional technology-focused IT organizations. Systemic changes seemed to be driven by interests in technical exploration, rather than solid business process-driven metrics. Obtaining and implementing required mission-critical changes were met with argumentative positions stating "technological infeasibility" and "non-conforming configurations" as the reasons to reject such proposals. Instead of delivering solutions, many of the IT organizations I dealt with seemed to operate only to perpetuate their own existence. My background grew from the functional desire to obtain advanced technology-supported solutions driven exclusively by business and customer needs.


RN:  Please share your thoughts with us on the role that ReviewNet evaluations play in hiring IT professionals. 


LUI:  The ReviewNet score represents a single facet of a persons' role as an employee. Employers still need to separately assess their candidate's other strengths and weaknesses as they relate to their potential as a group contributor.





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