I'm James Harold Lui...
originally from Chicago, Illinois, but now residing sort of near downtown Los Angeles in Southern California, U.S.A.

I'm a Millenium Mensa Life Member; Foothill Senior High School - Sacramento, California; graduated with a B.S. in Operations Management and Industrial Engineering from Cal Poly Pomona; founder of the Scientific Research Foundation; avid motorcyclist, fish angler (no fly fishing, please), MIDI musician, gastronomic creator and consumer, and cat provider (see the Kitty Page).

I attended National University
for my MBA in telecommunications and run passive memberships
in the National Contract Management
Association (NCMA)
and the Los Angeles Oracle Users Group (LAOUG) and active board membership in the Southwest Region Oracle Applications Users Group (SROAUG), and serve on the Collaborate Conference Committee for IOUG.

And because everybody seems to ask, my official capacity is as a full-time Oracle Applications Database Administrator (DBA) for Aramark Uniform Services in Burbank.

Recently also obtained a techical authoring position at ReviewNet, a technical interviewing resource company providing automated testing and interview analysis systems.

And as if that weren't enough... I'm also an Improvisation and theatrical player performing with  Pacific Theatre, and study classical Japanese dance, and have a simply
amazing Shinnyo-en Guiding Parent
 who is taking my life to whole new levels of giving and sharing with others.
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