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    I've kept up with updating this once a week! Well, okay, this is my second week. But it remains a true statement. 

    Classes started this past week, and they have been relatively easy. I must say, it is great having Tuesday and Thursday off. An extra 15 hours a week to study should help me across the board. Friday, however, felt strange. Because I only have one class on Friday, the Friday night feeling came Wednesday. You can view my class schedule if you want to see how things are going for me classwise. 

    I've been hard at work getting Mock Trial and Socratic Society going. Both have meeting times and a room reserved for the semester. I also have posters hanging around campus as I type. This is the first semester that I will not have an overlap between the two. So I can attend Socratic all year while still staying in Mock Trial. Yay! In case you weren't aware. I am president of both groups, being the only 4 year veteran of each. I basically own the Mock Trial team. They awarded me the Heaney Prize for it, which was a $200.00 cash prize. They give it to a Junior entering his or her senior year who has made a contribution to Mock Trial and will continue to the following year. I'd say they got their money's worth with me. I'm not boasting. I've seriously organized everything this year outside of paying the registration fee.

    I'm very excited for a book coming out Tuesday entitled Only Revolutions by Mark Z. Danielewski. His previous book, House of Leaves, was very strange. For instance, every single utterance of the word house is colored blue. Even the name of the publisher, Randomhouse. It is about a guy reading a paper written by this old guy. The paper is about a photographer who realizes his house is bigger on the inside than on the outside. Which, of course, is impossible. Anyway, very good read. It is filled with all sorts of hidden messages. One chapter in the middle starts out with three short paragraphs, then three long paragraphs, and finally concludes with three short paragraphs. This spans over several pages, of course, and so it isn't very obvious. But 3 short, 3 long, 3 short is morse code for SOS. The book also has an index displaying where various words are in the book. However, there are something like 97 words in the index that aren't actually in the book (outside of the index). If you go to page 97, there is a small check mark in the lower right hand corner. I have no idea why.

    Let's see... my mother bought me season one of The Office. It was pretty good. I watched it yesterday. Buying it, I didn't know that it was only six episodes long. But there were enough deleted scenes to make up for it. Its a pretty good show. I mean, I finished it in one sitting. That has to say something. I do like the small touches of the show. The way characters will act differently if they know they are on camera is awesome. Dwuane especially does this. He wants to be the boss, and when he is saying something he thinks is really important, he will say it, pause looking at them, and then steal a very quick look at the camera with a very smug smile.

    Um... I am hoping to add pictures of my apartment soon. So look for that next week. I guess I should go shower and keep working on my graph theory. It takes awhile to do problems. I'll stare at my whiteboard for a while. I love my whiteboard.


     Class starts Tuesday, but my first class is Wednesday.  I hope to update this every week with news about Brian. New picture, new update. 

    Italy was a lot of fun. Of all the places I stopped, the Amalfi Coast was the most aweinspiring. The towns are basically on the side of a cliff. You can see one such view above in this week's photograph. I did enjoy the Euros. They certainly have something with the 1 and 2 euro coins. It is nice to have a handful of change and be able to buy something with it.

    I won't lie, though. It is nice to get back. I've emailed the Mock Trial people, and we are starting to get this year together. I've bought my text books and my job as a desk attendent for the tutoring centor starts Wednesday. 

    Other than that, I've started a diet. Been on it since Tuesday. I'm aiming for 1000 calories a day. I currently weigh about 180 lbs, and would love to go down to 170, even 160. That is what I weighed when I entered college. Who knows though, right? I'm not depriving myself, I am just watching what I am eating. So no worries.


     Adding to the website again. Would be cool to finalize this some day. <shrug> Oh well. I think I'll add a new picture soon. I have eight days left of work at City Hall, and I will be heading to New York on the 29th. I just booked the tickets earlier. I'll be staying until Tuesday.


    Work is going well.  This weekend, I'll be going to the cities, and I'll be in Albert Lea visiting Grandparents.