We found this cute little "welcome" sign at an ABC store in Hawaii. 


view from the door. We have a pretty open floorplan!

The pillows from this couch are where I pulled the accent color for decor around the house,
which is a deep merlot. I hate the coffee table- I'd like to replace it soon.
Basket for magazines and albums is from Target. The couch is from Dillard's
and the large mirror above it is from Kirklands.
In the fall/winter, I usually put seasonal decor in the bay window.
5-shelf bookshelf from Target. The vases are from the centerpieces from our reception,
so since I've got around 20 of them, I figure I'd use a few around the house.


The dining "area". The counter-heighth table and chairs are from Oak Express.  

 I usually put fresh flowers in this vase 
(when in season) but these are fake. Yep, I said FAKE! =)
The clock was a gift from my sister and brother in law, who own
a mattress and clock gallery. Here you can also see a close up of the drapery and hard-
ware, both from Target, and the faux finishing I did in the dining area.
Here's looking into the dining area from the kitchen.

Our tiny little kitchen. Note its lovely brass fixtures. We would like to change all the
builders-grade fixtures in our house, but they'll do for now. Another thing I have to
deal with in this tiny kitchen is the fact that I can't open the fridge and dishwasher at
the same time.
We've got appliances in black, white, and stainless steel. We happen to think it looks cool. =)
A catch-all for fruit and bread.

All the bedding is from Bed, Bath & Beyond, except for the brown paisley pillowcases
which are from Crate and Barrel. 
Our Master Bedroom is 11x13. Put a King size bed in it, and then you can't open the
closet doors. We got two night stands- but only one will fit on either side, so I'm searching
for a smaller black one so I can have matching lamps. Artwork on this wall is a negative.
Love this dresser! We also have a tall chest that matches this set that
we'll keep in storage until we have room for it... someday!
Gotta love the flatscreen!
Jewelry armoire Jon got me for Valentines Day. The print behind it
is an original from a local artist in Hawaii... I'm trying to find the
perfect place to put it!
This is what the builders called the "master" bathroom. There's
nothing "master" about it if you ask me. =)

My husbands cousin made this desk out of steel. It happens to be one of my
favorite pieces in our house, but the picture doesn't seem to do it any justice.
It also has a leaf where the desk is cut out so it can be turned into a round card table.
My namesake paperweight!  I couldn't even tell you how old this thing is.
Jon frequently has his employees in our office. Even though the room is small,
ample seating is a must. The table between the two chairs was also made by his cousin.
My husband owns a moving company and often comes home with random (read: fugly)
furniture that people don't want anymore. This shelf was one of them, so I stripped it, added
panel framing on the sides, and painted it black.  Looks brand-spankin' new!
The shelf "before". Good thing I wasn't planning on using those glass doors-
 I completely shattered one of them when I was removing it. oops!
Working hard! I made my husband refer to
me as "Project Pam" that day. =)

close-up of DIY artwork (charcoal sketches from college portfolio)


 Rock finished patio. More pics to come this spring!
Coming soon:
 Guest bedroom, bathrooms and basement!