Web Stuff

Web Stuff is great. Let me hereby link you to two creations by Lemon Demon:

Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny 

Geeks in Love

Wonderful stuff. Also, if you're viewing this, I can only assume that you're using an internet browser. If you're not using Firefox, I must ask you: "Why aren't you using Firefox?" Come up with a clever answer to that one. (P.S. - also try Thunderbird. See the argument above)

As long as you have Firefox and Thunderbird, let me refer you to AVG Anti-Virus, and a pleasent little program called Ad-Aware. I consider these programs to be essential to anyone on the internet. Of course, there are much better programs that you can pay for, but for the price of free, those two are pretty bloody good.

On the topic of free programs,  take a look at Open Office.  Excellent program. It even exports files as PDF.

One more thing that I consider essential is TinyURL. Again, an absolutely wonderful thing to have, and to use.

 Last but not least, I discovered this game online. Try it, it's huge fun. Falling Sand. Note: You may have to refresh a time or two. don't ask me why. Also, make sure Java and JavaScript are enabled.

 Posted this ZIP myself, two character sheets and an initiative card. System is D&D3. If you don't know what I'm talking about, then don't worry about it.