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 Date Description (Monthly Meetings in red)
 January 20, 2019 Hal Bookbinder: The Changing Borders of Eastern Europe [more info]
 January 20, 2019 Hal Bookbinder: Ships of our Ancestors (@ 1:30 PM) [more info]
 January 28, 2019 Robert Jacobvitz & Prof Haim Shaked: Screening of "Disobedience" (Sousa Mendes) UM
 February 3, 2019 Mark Olsen: Family Tree Maker - Reviewing TBAM
 February 10, 2019 Lara Diamond: DNA Successes in - and Despite of - Endogamy JFED
 February 13, 2019 Paulette Bronstein: Mentor Session with JGSGM Pres. Check our blog AVLB
 February 25, 2019 Genie Milgrom: Crypto Jewish Genealogy Workshop - check our blog TBAM
 March 10, 2019 Andrew Zalewski: Galician Trails: The forgotten story of one family
 March 17, 2019 Peter Tarjan: Rescue Efforts and Resistance in Nazi Occupied. Budapest, 1944-45 TBAM
 March 27, 2019 Paulette Bronstein: Mentor Session with JGSGM Pres. Check our blog AVLB
 April 7, 2019 JGSGM 30th Anniversary - Sharing Members research JFED
 April 24, 2019
 Paulette Bronstein: Mentor Session with JGSGM Pres. Check our blog AVLB
 May 5, 2019
 Genie Milgrom: The Recipes of the 15 Grandmothers TBAM

Past Events:
 January 13, 2019 Genie Milgrom: Pyre to Fire @ 11:00 AM AVLB
 January 6, 2019 Bill Farran: The Jews and the Czars TBAM
 December 16, 2018 Bill Farran: Wooden synagogues till the Partition of Poland [more info] JFED
 December 9, 2018 Louise Uzan: "Operation Finale" at the Holocaust Recording Center TBAM
 November 19, 2018 A Slice of Jewish Life - Study Group TBAM
 November 4, 2018 Allan J Hall, JD: The Process of Writing and Publishing a Memoir [more info] JFED
 October 14, 2018 Panel Discussion: Searching Our Lithuanian Heritage [more info] JFED
 September 23, 2018 Our Legacy (part 2) TBAM
 September 16, 2018 2018 Warsaw IAJGS Conference Report [more info] JFED
 August 26, 2018 Our Legacy [more info] TBAM
 August 19, 2018 Paulette Bronstein, JGSGM President: Genealogy Workshop
 June 24, 2018 Panel Discussion: Researching the Polish Archive [more info] JFED
 May 6, 2018 Genie Milgrom: Pyre to Fire [more info] TBAM
 April 29, 2018 Robert Jacobvitz: The Sousa Mendes Story [more info] AVLB
 April 29, 2018 Cami Hofstadter: Scandinavia at the Holocaust Years [more info] TBAM
 April 22, 2018 Rebecca Barber: A Journey of Faith, Hope and Survival [more info]
 April 15, 2018 Rose Feldman: Searching Genealogical Resources in Israel [more info]
 March 11 2018 Robert Jacobvitz: The Sousa Mendes Story [more info] TBAM
 March 4, 2018 Phyllis Kramer, V.P. Education, JewishGen: Effective Online Search Techniques [more info] JFED
 February 19 2018 Peggy Freedman: DNA report interpretation CONS
 February 18, 2018 Peggy Freedman: Researching Your Jewish Family History in Lithuania [more info] JFED
 February 11, 2018 Ava "Sherlock" Cohn, The Photo Genealogist: Jewish family photographs [more info] TBAM
 January 14, 2018  Mark Olsen, FTM Genealogy Community Ambassador: Family Tree Maker 2017 - Latest Release New Features [more info] JFED
 January 7, 2018 Nolan Altman, VP for Data Acquisition, JewishGen: Patronymic Naming and Cemetery Records - Their Importance in Jewish Genealogy [more info] TBAM
 December 10, 2017 JGS Election and Hanukah Party [more info] TBAM
 November 19, 2017 Paulette Bronstein, JGSGM VP Programming: Searching for My Father [more info] JFED
 November 5, 2017 Nancy Borowick: The Family Imprint - A Daughter's Portrait of Love and Loss [more info] TBAM
 October 22, 2017 Genie Milgrom, JGSGM immediate past President: What happened to the Spanish Jews
[more info]
 June 11, 2017 Peter Tarjan, Ph.D.: The Persecution of the Jews in PÉCS & Prof. Henry Green: Jewish Migration to Florida [more info] JFED
 May 21, 2017 Bette Heisler: The Last Minyan in Havana [more info] TBAM
 May 7, 2017 Paulette Bronstein, JGSGM VP: How to make strides in your research using JewishGen Databases
 April 23, 2017 Louise Uzan & Cheryl Deakter: The Holocaust Documentation & Education Center
[more info]
 April 2, 2017 Robert Jacobvitz and Lyanne Lindo Wasermann: Preserving Panama's Jewish Heritage  [more info] TBAM
 March 5, 2017 Crista Cowan, The Barefoot Genealogist: Full Day Ancestry Workshop [more info] JFED
 February 26, 2017 Diahan Southard: Let your DNA Tell Your Story [more info] TBAM
 February 19, 2017 Cindy Potter Taylor, President of JGS Palm Beach County: Previewing the 2017 IAJGS Conference in Orlando, FL [more info] JFED
 February 5, 2017 Doug Kaplan: The Return [more info] AVLB
 January 29, 2017 Phyllis Kramer, V.P. of Education, JewishGen: Passenger Manifests and the Immigrant voyage [more info] JFED
 December 18, 2016 Linda Cantor, JewishGen Webmaster: KehilaLinks discussion [more info] JFED
 December 15, 2016 Igancio Sternberg, JGS Venezuela: Search and Record your Roots (Spanish class) [more info] AVLB
 December 11, 2016 Ruth Glasberg Gold: Father Alexandere Glasberg - Righteous among the Nations [more info] AVLB
 December 4, 2016 Elizabeth Rynecski: Chasing Portrait - Live internet program [more info] TBAM
 November 13, 2016 Share your Story [more info] JFED
 November 7, 2016 Yoram Millman: Searching for Records - Israel pre independence (workshop) TBAM
 November 6, 2016 Ruth Greenfield: Instruments of Change (In collaboration with the G2G Project of Beit Hatfutsot in Israel) TBAM
 October 30, 2016 Robert Jacobvitz and Lyanne Lindo Wasermann: Preserving Panama's Jewish Heritage
[more info]
 October 9, 2016 Doug Kaplan: Descendants of the Conversos [more info] TBAM
 September 25, 2016 Paulette Bronstein & Sandi Frankel: Reports from the 2016 IAJGS Conference in Seattle         [more info] JFED
 June 19, 2016 Paulette Bronstein: Jews in the Military [more info] JFED
 May 22, 2016 Dr. Peter Tarjan: A child at the Holocaust [more info] JFED
 May 1, 2016 Daniel Horowitz, MyHeritage Chief Genealogist: Discovering Your Family History with MyHeritage 7 unique technologies [more info]
 April 28, 2016 Daniel Horowitz, MyHeritage Chief Genealogist: Prepare for a cemetery trip (search photo and index) [more info] To listen to a recording of the lecture click here
 April 17, 2016 Diahan Southard: Your DNA Guide [more info] JFED
 April 10, 2016 John Christensen: A brief introduction to the history of photography [more info] TBAM
 April 3, 2016  Panel Discussion: Do You Know Who You Are? [more info] TBTAS
 March 20, 2016 Avraham Groll: The Jews in Poland [more info] JFED
 February 28, 2016 Liz Coursen: Award winning author and historian, Black History Month event [more info] TBAM
 February 14, 2016 Ann Rabinowitz: Jewish Love Stories workshop [more info] JFED
 February 4, 2016 Reuven Shefer, Technology Officer of JGS of Greater Miami: How to build your Family Tree Using A  Computer.  [more info]
 January 31, 2016 Dr. Henry Green: The Sephardic Voice [more info] TBAM
 January 31, 2016 Marcia Finkel: Cemetery Project, Shalom Memorial Park [more info] 
 January 27, 2016  Susanna Moross Tarjan: The legacy of her father, Academy Awards Nominated composer Jerome Moross [more info] BSHR
 January 17, 2016 Stephen Morse ( San Francisco) Case Study: Genealogy of Renee Kaufman [more info] JFED
 January 16, 2016 Stephen Morse ( San Francisco)
One-Step Webpages: A Potpourri of Genealogical Search Tools [more info]
 December 13, 2015
 Marlis Glaser Humphrey (President of the International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies IAJGS): Hidden Gems of Jewish Genealogy [more info] JFED
 December 6, 2015
 Walter Schlomann: Award Winning Video editor, director and producer: Creating A Family Video      Biography in the Temple library TBAM
 December 3, 2015 Walter Schlomann: Award winning filmmaker, will share his expertise on creating a family video biography. [more info] AVLB
 November 15, 2015
 Dr. Simon Kreindler (Canada): A Genealogist's Journey [more Info] JFED
 November 8, 2015
 "Telling your story to your children" - Discussion with the audience. This program is affiliated with My Family  Story, in the Temple's library. TBAM
 October 25, 2015
 JGSGM honored Ann Rabinowitz- on the occasion of inaugurating its branch library and research facility at the Temple Beth Am library TBAM
 October 18, 2015
 Shulamith Bahat (Israel/New York): USA CEO of The Museum of the Jewish People in Israel (Beit   Hatfutsot) will launch a unique  community project of the Museum  and its International School initiated by JGSGM: Generation to Generation (G2G) and My Family Story [more info] JFED

 September 27, 2015 Dr. Annette Fromm: Folklore and Identity of the Jewish Community of Ioannina Greece TBAM
 September 20, 2015
 Fall Opening Meeting: Previews and Reflections [more info] JFED
  May 17, 2015
 John Christensen, member of the Genealogical Society of Greater Miami:"A very brief introduction to the history of photography for the family historian"  A brief introduction to the various kinds of photographs that a family historian may find in your family papers and archives. How to identify, date and preserve your family photos. JFED
 April 19, 2015
 Yom HaShoah Event.  JFED
 February 15, 2015
 Celebrating 26 years of activities! featuring a presentation by Ann Rabinowitz on "NATURAL DISASTERS AND THE AFFECT ON JEWISH MOBILITY" JFED
 January 11, 2015
 David Laskin, the keynote speaker at the 34th IAJGS Conference.  TBAM
 January 11, 2015 Reuven Shefer, Technology Officer of JGS of Greater Miami: How to build your Family Tree Using A  Computer [more info]
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