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Meet our team!                                                                                

The Córdoba E-learning Group was founded by John and Paula Schmitz in 2006 as a consulting group for educational institutions and businesses willing to implement the use of technologies for learning in their teaching and training.

John Schmitz, Ph.D.
Managing Director

John founded the AIM Lab at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign back in 1992 where he and his colleagues developed the first Virtual Classroom Interface adopted by many faculty on campus. He moved to Argentina in 2006 and has been teaching online through two US colleges since 2008.

Kosta Georgariou
Web Designer

Having the highest level of enthusiasm, Kosta has been involved in a number of successful enterprises and lately focused on web design. His creativity in design has launched Kosta to new levels of expertise.

With a dynamic and insightful approach to business, his loyalty and drive are an asset to any company and every team.

Paula Schmitz, Ed. M.
E-learning Developer

With three degrees from the College of Languages (UNC), Paula has extensive experience in teaching English as a Second Language at all levels  She pursued graduate studies in Educational Technologies in the USA, and has integrated both ESL and e-learning in her teaching and consulting.

Her passion has been
teacher development, and has trained numerous teachers and other professionals in the use of technologies for teaching and learning.

Sandra Gastaldi
ESL E-learning Trainer

Sandra is the most resourceful English teacher and teacher-trainer you could possibly imagine. With 35 years of experience in ESL teaching, she has implemented the use of learning technologies in the classroom since 1996. Sandra is also the Director of English Programmes at Academia Argüello, and currently presides the Córdoba Association of Teachers of English.

Juan Cruz Molas y Molas
Video Production

Juan Cruz studied Audiovisual Design at Universidad Blas Pascal in Córdoba and has quite a unique approach to video filming, editing and post-production. He adds color and fun to the team!

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