Remodeling, Alterations & Updates (to my JG homes- & others)

      by Jerry Gropp Architect AIA PS (206)232-3325     

  A number of the homes I've done over the years have now been passed on to new owners who need certain changes to adapt these to today's conditions and their own special needs. Building and other codes may have changed, too. In the past few years a number of these owners have been happy to find me practicing as before and available to make the desired modifications. Inasmuch as I understand my own creations, I am able to integrate changes into the original house.                          

Below are some recent redoing/updating of earlier Projects of mine. The new owners are really pleased with their homes which now suit their needs. They preferred buying a "Jerry Gropp" home rather than a current "Bellevue Chalet" or so-called "Craftsman" or some other offering.


                               Above- Added Garage with a Sundeck Roof,

                  Below- Original MI residence as built in 1968    


Below is a Mercer Island waterfront home I created in 1990. The neighbor living uphill at the time we built held a restrictive covenant on the property requiring a new house to have a flat roof so as not to block his expansive view of Lake Washington.  A later owner was willing to let us build a low pitch roof so the owner called me back for this assignment for which we used trusses bridging outside walls.



Below is the BMC computer-generated truss layout for the plant-built wood trusses to be placed with a crane per the photos next below.




Here is the new metal roof at a 2/12 pitch- a much better look. (The skylights are yet to be installed). The builder, Bill Whitney, and his crew did a really splendid job- as they have on a number of my other projects. Joe Neal's Vashon Sheet Metal did the metal roof. Good designs need to be well executed by highly motivated, skilled craftsmen.

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