JG Design Program
(describing the project & related matters). 

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Jerry Gropp Architect AIA PS proposes to furnish architectural design and/or consulting services under the terms

of this “DP” Design Program/Contract for the below & overside described project:

A $500.00 (non-applicable) Set-up Fee is due upon the acceptance of this “DP”. A Professional Services Fee of $75.00/hour (plus expenses) is to be billed monthly and is payable in full by the 10th of said month. Past due balances are subject to a one percent/mo. rebilling charge.

The Architect may terminate or suspend this “DP” Design Program/Contract without damages or notice in the event of late or non-payment or any other breach of contract.

The Client may terminate this “DP” Design Program/Contract, for any reason, during the course of the work without damages upon written notice plus timely payment of any earned fees and/or reimbursable incurred (including consultant’s fees). Such payment by the Client and the acceptance of same by the Architect shall constitute a mutual waiver of any/all claims against the other. In any and all cases the Architect’s liability with regard to his professional services is limited to the total amount of fees paid.

The Architect’s Drawings, Specifications, Notes, Photographs, etc. are hereby defined as “Instruments of Service” to be used by the Architect in providing said services. The Architect shall have sole discretion as to how his Design Concepts are drawn and/or described and/or presented and shall retain ownership of any/all of said JG Design Concepts and the above listed documents .

In recognition that many elements affecting the Architect’s work and the delivery and/or execution of same are beyond his control, time is not of the essence in this contract (except for timely payment of fees). Any modifications to this agreement shall be in written form agreed to by all of the parties.


agreed, date


agreed, date

(Over) Additional Notes, Clarifications: