the Cottingham Residence

is located in Innis Arden, just North of Seattle, Washington.

It's one of my best "mid-century modern" custom homes.

This family home on the edge of a lovely wooded stream has been for many years the focus of an active family that is now grown. Owners Wayne and Marilyn have recently installed a glass-walled elevator inasmuch as they intend to spend the rest of their days there near Hidden Lake. The "round- top" double doors are a hallmark of my work. Jerry









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I'm quite often sought out by the present owners of my earlier designs who are in need of my architectural services to update/add on to their homes.

As the intervening years have passed, various Building Codes (especially the IRC) as well as property and neighborhood conditions may have changed.

Inasmuch as I was the creator/ designer of these (and am still most actively and enthusiasticly practicing home design), I am available to adapt or customize these what are now styled as "mid-century modern" homes in a number of creative ways that are entirely sympathetic to the original design that now is part of our changed world.   

I always welcome the challenge of working with new owners on my JG homes with their sites- often with their mature gardens that may well also need a bit of care and loving attention.

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The Cottingham home has a two story mostly glass Living Room with its balcony above overlooking a massive fireplace featuring native stone & slate.