Exercise Listing by Topic (Alphabetical)


Exercise Listing by Model

Basic Effects of Price Interventions
Welfare Effects of Price Interventions
Size of the Intervention and Deadweight Loss
Limits of Intervention
Basic Effects of Quantitative Restrictions
Welfare Effects of Quantitative Restrictions
Tariff/Quota Equivalence
Declining World Prices 
Common External Tariff, Effect on Trade Creation and Diversion
Initial Tariffs, Effect on Trade Creation and Diversion
Partner Efficiency, Effect on Trade Creation and Diversion
World Prices, Effect on Trade Creation and Diversion

Endowment-Output Relationship (Rybczynski Theorem)
Factor Intensities and the PPF (HOS Model)
No Money Illusion (Numeraire Shock)
Price-Factor Price Relationship (Stolper-Samuelson Theorem)
Price-Output Relationship (Concavity of the PPF in HOS)
Technological Change and Output/Income

Country Size and the Terms of Trade
Endowments and Trade (Heckscher-Ohlin Theorem)
Growth and the Terms-of-Trade
Technology and Preferences and the Pattern of Trade
Trade and Factor Prices (Factor Price Equalization Theorem)
Trading Partner Growth and Welfare

Basic General Equilibrium Effects of Interventions
Intervention Concordances (General Equilibrium)
Lerner Symmetry Theorem
Non-economic Objectives and Specificity
Tariff Compensation Principle
Tariff Jumping Investment
Tariff Size and Welfare Costs
Taxes or Subsidies? (General Equilibrium)

Optimal Tariffs (General Equilibrium)
Tariff Quota Equivalence (General Equilibrium)

Countervailing Export Subsidies (Partial Equilibrium)
Large Country and Optimal Tariffs (Partial Equilibrium)
Trade Wars and Retaliation

Effect of Falling World Prices with Protected Monopoly
Effect of Small Tariffs with Monopoly (Partial Equilibrium)
Non-Equivalence of Tariffs and Quotas with Monopoly
Pro-competitive Effects of Trade
Prohibitive Tariffs and Monopoly

Specific Factors Live (or Solver or Specific Factors/HOS Comparison Live or Solver)

Endowments and Factor Returns (Specific Factors)
Endowments and Output (Specific Factors)
Prices and Factor Returns (Specific Factors)
Prices and Output (Specific Factors)

Prices and Factor Prices: Short vs Long Run
Prices and Output: Short vs Long Run
Transition: How are the Short and Long Runs Related?