About Me

Hi, my name is Jackson Hipple and I am 13 years old. I love to ski more than anything else in the world. I live in Tuftonboro, New Hampshire near a small ski area called Abenaki Ski Area. My dad runs Abenaki and I get to ski there three or four nights a week. We have a freestyle team there and I am on it and I love it. I am also on the freestyle team at Waterville Valley called BBTS, which stands for the Black and Blue Trail Smashers. I do that on the weekends and during vacations and I love it and I learn lots of new cool new tricks. My coach’s name is Wes and he is awesome. He was in the world cup for aerials. He can do triple flips. One of my other coaches is Rob. He is a sick skier and video editor and he coaches me  at Abenaki Ski Area too. 

I also do lots of ski training when I can’t be on snow. I got scholarships to go to the Lake Placid Olympic training center in 2012 and 2013 and I loved it. You ski down a toothbrush type material off a jump into a pool so you do not get hurt. In Waterville, we do the same thing but land into an air bag instead. Some of the tricks I learned this summer were cork 9's, double backflips, double flat 7's and switch rodeos. I also do trampoline training at Top Gun Gymnastics in Plymouth a couple times a week. 

Some of my goals for the 2014 ski season are to make it to USASA Nationals in Colorado in Slopestyle. I also want to get an overall medal again. Some of my lifetime goals are to go to the Olympics or X-games and to make a living skiing all over the world. 

UPDATE: In March of 2013 I competed out in Park City in Junior Nationals and did great! All of my results are here. 

My family, friends and donors made it possible for me to go out to Park City to compete in the Junior Nationals. I would like to thank all the people who donated and I hope you like your pins and cookies. I am still working on some of them so sorry about that... I will get them to you. I left school in time to have 4 days of training in Utah when I was out there before the competitions. 

At first the jumps felt huge and scary but I got over it and started having a great time. I fell every time before I got over it...it took about a day. After that we had 3 days and I was feeling on top of my game. Once the day of the competition was there I was extremely nervous because I did not want to let all the people who donated down. The aerial competition was first in the morning. It looked like it was going to be crummy weather but 5 minutes before my run the sun came out and there were blue skies. For aerials you have to land both of your jumps because your final score is your average of your two jumps. My first jump was awesome and I was really excited. It had stayed sunny until my second run and my second run was off a bigger jump and it was a harder trick... I stomped it! About 10 minutes after my run I had found out I was first in my age group for aerials. I felt super tired but the day was only half over. I still had big air to do. It had about 1 hour of training because some people did not do aerials and they needed training time. The weather was starting to get really cold and cloudy so the snow was getting ice hard because before it was sunny and slushy. For big air you only have to have one good jump because your final score is your best jump. I fell on my first jump (a cork 720) and I felt really crummy but on my second one I stomped a huge cork 720! Once I found out I won I felt on top of the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

During the summer I sell homemade chocolate chip cookies at the end of my driveway and mow lawns so I can pay for trampoline and water ramps training. This past winter I also paid for my skis and competitions from money I earned in the summer.

My dream is to make a living on skiing and to hopefully go to the Olympics or X Games. It would be great if you could sponsor me and help me achieve my dreams.

I would like to say thank you to all of my ski coaches and donors for helping me get this far. THANKS!