About our club

The Onoway Ospreys is one of 12 Junior Forest Warden clubs in the Yellowhead Region. The Ospreys have been in existence for about 10 years.

The Osprey Year Plan is full of informative meetings and outings that cover the four pillars of the Junior Forest Warden Program, namely Forestry, Ecology, Woods Travel and Leadership. The meetings are designed to provide information that will be used at the monthly outings, with a culmination at the year end camp where we will use our new skills for a weekend canoe trip and camping.

We are excited about our volunteer relationship with the Edmonton Wildlife Rehabilitation Society and Nature Conservancy Canada where we hope to play a big role in the planning and work to rejuvenate some land along Atim Creek
Junior Forest Wardens is an exciting and educational opportunity for young people and their families to have fun, develop skills, and get educated in the many and diverse aspects of our natural environment. The Junior Forest Wardens have built their programs foundation using the four components of:



Outdoor Skills