Jeff Rulifson

When I hike by myself, I carry a Spot satellite personal tracker. 
You can see where I have been on my Find Me Spot shared page.

Jeff is a nickname. My formal name is Johns F. Rulifson W. (To do: Clean up Wikipedia entry.)

In the spirit of moving to the Cloud, this is now my homepage. It is a Google Site and I can edit it from anywhere.

You can find my addresses and phone numbers at my Coordinates, a little information about me at my Biography.

Social Sites

You can find me as ZeffR on Facebook and Twitter, as Jeff Rulifson on Linked In, and as jfrulifson on Google+, and Plaxo. Once in awhile I tweet, but not very often. I blog as ZeffR. I do not blog often and when I do it is mostly about progressive politics.


I use SmugMug for all my photos. To view the family photos, you need to ask me for the password.

Images from the photo shoots are at

Jeff Rulifson,
Aug 12, 2013, 7:31 AM