Jeff Rulifson

When I hike by myself, I carry a Spot satellite personal tracker. You can see where I have been on my Find Me Spot shared page.

Jeff is a nickname. My formal name is Johns F. Rulifson. When my granddaughter was a toddler, she pronounced Jeff as Zeff. As you will see below, it stuck.

Contact Me
Google Voice phone: +1.650.924.2758
Street address: 3785 EL CENTRO ST, PALO ALTO, CA 94306-2642
Skype: jeff.rulifson
FaceTime: only works when I am on my laptop. I use an Android phone.
Iridium: When I am off the worldwide mobile phone grid and you want to reach me, leave a voice message at +1.650.924.2758. I use my Iridium satellite phone to check my Google Voice messages once a day. Do not try to call me on my Iridium phone. I leave it off to conserve the battery. In an emergency, you may email me at, TXT to the Iridium SMS number 011881641444300, or leave a message at the Iridium phone number +8816 414 44300. You may also send an email using the Iridium home page. I will see these messages when I turn on the Iridium phone.

Social Media

You can find a little information about me at Biography.

I do a lot of photography as a hobby. I have a separate email account to help me stay organized.
I use SmugMug for all my photos. To view the family photos, you need to ask me for the password.
Images from the photo shoots are at

These require an appropriate account. I will readily share genealogy and DNA information.

Google Play

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