Reader's Comments


“Your book is compelling to read.  I could identify with so many aspects of growing up in a small rural community.  You have referred to our German-Russian background throughout the book.”  (MW - GRHS)


“Congratulations!  It’s a very accessible and sweet story.  And I found it so interesting to hear about the history of the German Russians.  A piece of history I knew nothing about.  Thanks so much for opening it up!”  (NT – Nova Scotia)


“I thoroughly enjoyed it, every page.  Your story of the main character’s problems of growing up, resolving feelings of her ancestry and untimely deaths, kept things flowing.  You worked in all the details of the language and the customs.  Even though it is your fictionalized ethnic story, it is still a story many of us felt growing up.  In other words your story speaks to all, in a far wider audience than just German Russians.  A job well done.”   (MF - AHSGR)

 “The first chapter put me back in South Dakota.  My grandparents were children of German immigrants, so I smiled at the same German words used by them and my mother from time to time.  It’s a moving piece of work. I found that I connected with it on many levels.  I can see parallels in the story with my years growing up.  It brought back many memories of my own family, my experiences, and the small town cast of characters.  And yes, I even have to admit to shedding a tear.  I guess a Renaissance man such as myself doesn’t find any shame in that.  You packed a lot of things that stir ones emotions into that one novel.”  (GM - Pennsylvania)


“Hallelujah – your work is inspiring and full of life.  May we be happy and have nothing to grieve.  May we celebrate each other and leave home with a peaceful heart.  May we no longer be strangers to ourselves and be passionately alive in a beautiful world of fools and lovers in service who know who they are and how their death will benefit others in this evolutionary journey we share.” (MF – Sophia Center, Berkeley, CA)


“What a delightful book to read.  I enjoyed it for its location, its familiar landscape, customs, and people.  The characters were believable--those I liked and those I couldn’t like.  When I finished the book, my thoughts were, I’d like to know about their lives after this book ends.”  (JB- Algonquin Roundtable)


“A story about forgiveness.  This is an excellent book.  It takes us on a journey to see how we were affected by our parents and how we affect our children and how our parents/elders can help us to see many things about ourselves that move us toward our own authenticity.”   (DF – Berkeley, CA)


“It brought me to tears.  I could relate to the things German Russian because that is my culture.  I hadn’t thought of those things in years.”  (SS – Mt. Shasta, CA)


“You have a gift.  I was taken back in time with all your wonderful easy to read descriptions of a time and a place in the past.”  (RC – Colorado Springs, CO)


“I love how you ease us into our past – the description of washing clothes with the wringer washer and fingers freezing while hanging them on the clothes line.  Truly a simple distinction of “who we were then and who we are now” and helping us to remember how hard our immigrant parents worked in order to care for us and the admission that all their choices were not always the best.”  (MF – Oakland, CA)


“After reading your book, I was 16 years old again living in that small town.  You took me back in time.  So many memories.”  (BE – Sacramento, CA)


“I grew up in Minnesota and your book brought back many memories of living on a farm in a small rural community.  I enjoyed it very much.”    (AB – Algonquin Roundtable)


“Judy thanks, you reaffirm the beauty of being a gypsy for me.  Thank you for this exciting book.”  (CW –  everywhere)