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DIY Propane Burner to Melt Aluminium


There are alot of designs similar to this one online. I believe most of them work well. 
Most of them are based on the Ron Reil design publish in 1998.

Having one build  seems simple, finding pieces may be less easy. I'll try to describe here how to build a working burner out of items easy to find in Montreal, Quebec, Canada .

This project IS dangerous. Not only it may burn you, or it may burn your house down to the ground,  It will Release lot of Carbon monoxide witch is LETHAL

Pipe treads

In the course of this project , I had to deal with many weird pipes treads. Some may look the same and are not , some are named differently but work together. It also seem pretty common to encounter reverse thread in the flammable gas universe. 

I found pretty quickly that 1/4" National Pipe Thread was the most compatible one. 
Some call It simply PT, many call it NPT, other National Pipe Thread Taper on the long form . Stores may add  Male of Female abbreviation at the beginning or the end to make new weird acronyms. Be sure to chose the right one, The last thing you want is a propane leak.

My first Attempt 

This first one worked ok to melt aliminium, Except the design was complex for no other reason that I did it with pieces I had in hand. The center pipe was 1" , it was to big and didn't allow air and propane to mix well. This caused a very loud vibration, a sort-of eternal feed-back back-fire vibration, and was only burning efficiently and hot at maximum pressure --> 30Psi.

The 1" pipe was so big that it allowed the combustion to come back in the pipe and burn inside of it (making it glow red) The goal here, is to have the blue flame outside the pipe not inside.


Second Version 

This new vesion is using a 3/4 in. Main pipe. 
You should try to use "black-pipe" instead of galvanized pipe . 
Galvanized pipe may cause zinc fume that May intoxicate you 

Qty PicDesc Where to buy 
 1  0-60 psi Regulator Tank to NPT-F

Hard to find in stores in Canada

Easy to find online 

typical BBQ Regulator is under 2 PSI. You will need 20 psi minimum, 30-60 psi Max 

Propane hose 1/4 NPT-M to 1/4 NPT-F

Hard to find in stores 
Easy to find online 
 1 Propane Valve 1/4 NPT-M to 1/4 NPT-F

Not necessary, I've scavenge it on another old burner 
 1 Brass elbow  90o

1/4 NPT-M to 1/4 NPT-F
Reno-Depot Anjou
 1 Brass Adapter

1/4 NPT to 1/8 NPT-F
Reno-Depot Anjou
 1 Brass Nipple

1/8 NPT Smallest lenth
Reno-Depot Anjou
 1 Brass cap

 1/8 NPT

Buy some extra to test different injector size 
Reno-Depot Anjou
 1  3/4" Black Steel Nipple , 8 to 16" long

Easy to find in Galvanized Steel
Hard to find in Not Galvanized "black steel"
Home Depot Anjou
 1  (3/4" to 1") to (3/4" to 2") Black Steel NPT Reducer

Hard to find in Galvanized Steel
Harder  to find in Not Galvanized "black steel"
Home Depot Anjou
1  Steel L-Braket
4  Stainless Hose ClampReno-Depot Anjou

  Special tools and accessory   
 #60 Drill bit
 = 0.040"
 = 1mm
Typically the smallest one in a drill bit kit

Easy to find, and easy to break too.
Use slowly, only in a decent drill press.

Used to drill the injector hole in the 1/8 
Brass cap

Canadian- Tire
 PTFE (teflon) thread compound

Verify compatibility with Propane
Used on every gas joint

Reno-Depot Anjou