Vera Brittain - Loved & Lost

Tells the story of Vera Brittain and her experiences during the Great War, 1914-18. 

Particularly her developing relationships with her brother Edward, her fiancée Roland Leighton, Victor Richardson and Geoffrey Thurlow - all of whom were die during that conflict.

Her story is interwoven with poetry; Vera's, Roland's and others.
  • 'The Sisters Buried At Lemnos' by Vera Brittain
  • 'Pehaps' by Vera Brittain
  • 'Vitai Lampada' by Sir Henry Newbolt
  • 'III. The Dead' by Rupert Brooke
  • 'The Lament of the Demobilised' by Vera Brittain
  • 'In The Rose Garden' by Roland Leighton
  • 'The War Generation' by Vera Brittain
  • 'Nackhlang' by Roland Leighton
  • 'St Pancras Station; August 1915' by Vera Brittain
  • 'The Dirge of Dead Sisters' by Rudyard Kipling
  • 'Violets From Plug Street Wood' by Roland Leighton
  • 'Looking Westward' by Vera Brittain
  • 'Hedauville' by Roland Leighton
  • 'To My Brother' by Vera Brittain
  • In Memoriam, GRYT' by Vera Brittain
  • 'Sic Transit' by Vera Brittain
  • 'The German Ward' by Vera Brittain
  • 'That Which Remaineth' by Vera Brittain
  • 'Oxford Revisited' by Vera Brittain
  • 'Epitaph For Edward' by Vera Brittain
  • "Just to let you know how much I enjoyed the event last Friday, as did the rest of my group. Your speaker's expert knowledge and wonderful voice literally brought tears to our eyes" - Lunch/Lecture at Bateman's, National Trust, Friday 27th November 2015.

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