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I will be recording all the poems listed on this page during 2013.
Marian Allen
  • The Wind On The Downs   Notes
  • La Bassee Road (WW1 Marching Song) 
  • Man-At-Arms 
  • The Cross (On the grave of an unknown British soldier, Givenchy, 1915) 
  • The Night Before And The Night After The Attack (WW1 Marching Song) 
Cpt. R. J. Armes
  • Christmas Truce 1914 Notes
Harold Arpthorp (and Bernard Newman)
  • The Road To La Bassée 
Herbert Asquith
  • The Fallen Subaltern 
  • The Volunteer 
Laurence Binyon
  • For The Fallen 
  • To Women 
Edmund Blunden
  • 1916 Seen From 1921 
  • Hospital Sanctuary  
  • Perhaps 
  • The Sisters Buried at Lemnos 
  • The Superfluous Woman  
  • To My Brother 
Rupert Brooke
  • I. Peace 
  • II. Safety 
  • III. The Dead 
  • IV. The Dead 
  • V. The Soldier 
May Wedderburn Cannan
  • Any Woman 
  • August 1914 
  • Ballad Of June 1915 
  • From Flanders, August 1915 
  • Lamplight 
  • November 1918: For G.A.H. 
  • Rouen 
  • Since They Have Died 
  • The Armistice 
Isabel C. Clarke
  • Anniversary Of The Great Retreat (1915) 
Margaret Postgate Coles
  • The Falling Leaves 
Leslie Coulson
  • But A Short Time To Live 
Walter De La Mere
  • How Steep The Brave 
Geoffrey Dearmer
  • From 'W' Beach 
  • Nous Autres 
  • She To Him 
  • The Turkish Trench Dog 
Eva Dobell
  • Advent, 1916 
  • Gramaphone Tunes 
  • Pluck 
  • Night Duty 
Gabrielle Elliot
  • Pierrot Goes To War 
Eleanor Farjeon
  • Now That You Too 
Wilfred Gibson
  • Back 
  • Lament 
Muriel E Graham
  • The Lark Above The Trenches
Robert Graves
  • The Dead Fox Hunter 
  • The Last Post 
Julian Grenfell
  • Into Battle 
Ivor Gurney
  • Pain
  • To The Poet Before Battle
Helen Hamilton
  • The Ghouls 
  • The Jingo-Woman 
  • The Romancing Poet 
Thomas Hardy
  • Men Who March Away 
Mary Henderson
  • An Incident  
A P Herbert
  • After The Battle
  • Beaucourt Revisited 
May Herschel-Clark
  • The Mother 
William Hodgson
  • Back To Rest 
  • Before Action 
  • England To Her Sons 
Cyril Horne
  • Dolores  
Elinor Jenkins
  • Dulce Et Decorum 
Philip Johnstone
  • High Wood  
Annas Gordon Keown
  • Reported Missing 
Rudyard Kipling
  • Epitaphs Of The Great War 
  • For All We Have And Are 
  • Gethsemane 
  • Mesopotamia 
  • My Boy Jack 
  • Recessional 
  • The Children 
  • The Mother's Son 
  • The Nativity 
  • The Question 
  • The Verdicts 
James Langstaff
  • The Answer 
Olive Lindsay
  • Despair 
Winifred Mary Letts
  • The Deserter 
W S S Lyon
  • I Tracked A Dead Man Down A Trench 
Ewart Mackintosh
  • Before The Summer 
  • Death 
  • In Memoriam 
  • To Sylvia 
  • To The 51st Division: High Wood, July-August 1916 
  • War, The Liberator
  • Where The Light Wraith Of Death Goes Dancing 
John McCrae
  • In Flanders Fields 
  • The Anxious Dead 
Helen Mackay
Charlotte Mews
  • The Cenotaph 
Moina Michaels
  • We Shall Keep The Faith 
Ruth Comfort Mitchell
  • He Went For A Soldier 
John Mitchell
  • Reply To In Flanders Fields 
Nina Murdoch
  • War Brides 
Edith Nesbit
  • Spring In War-Time 
  • The Fields Of Flanders 
Sir Henry Newbolt
  • Vitai Lampada 
Bernard Newman (and Harold Arpthorp)
  • The Road To La Bassée 
Eileen Newton
  • Last Leave 
  • Revision (For November 11th) 
Alfred Noyes
  • The Victory Ball 
Emily Orr
  • A Recruit From The Slums 
  • Anthem For Doomed Youth 
  • Dulce Et Decorum Est 
  • Insensibility 
  • Strange Meeting 
  • The Send-Off 
Margaret Peterson
  • A Mother's Dedication 
Jessie Pope
  • The Call 
G.E. Rees
  • Telling The Bees 
Isaac Rosenberg
  • Break Of Day In The Trenches 
  • The Immortals 
Mary Sackville
  • Sacrament 
Siegfried Sassoon
  • A Working Party
  • Aftermath
  • Glory Of Women 
  • How To Die 
  • On Passing The New Menin Gate 
  • Suicide In The Trenches 
  • Survivors  
  • The General 
  • The Hero 
  • The Rank Stench Of Those Bodies Haunts Me Still  
  • To Any Dead Officer 
Alan Seeger
  • I Have A Rendezvous With Death 
Charles Sorley
  • All The Hills And Vales Along 
  • Such, Such Is Death 
  • To Germany 
  • When You See Millions Of The Mouthless Dead  
John William Streets
  • A Lark Above The Trenches 
  • A Soldier's Cemetery 
  • A Soldier's Funeral 
  • Comrades 
  • April Evening: France, 1916 
  • Matthew Copse 
  • Remembrance 
Muriel Stuart
  • Forgotten Dead, I Salute You 
Padre G. A. Studdert Kennedy (Woodbine Willie)
  • His Mate 
Millicent Sutherland
  • One Night 
  • Rain 
Bernard Freeman Trotter
  • A Kiss 
Katharine Tynan
  • A Prayer {For Those Who Shall Return} 
  • Joining The Colours 
  • The Broken Soldier 
  • The Old Soldier 
Robert Vernede
  • A Listening Post 
  • A Petition 
  • At Delville 
  • Before The Assault 
  • The Call  
  • To Our Fallen 
Arthur Graeme West
  • God! How I Hate You! 
  • The Night Patrol France, March 1916 
Lucy Whitmell
  • Christ In Flanders 
Rifleman Graham Williams
  • Christmas Truce 1914 
Marjorie Wilson
  • To Tony (Aged 3) 
T.P. Cameron Wilson
  • Magpies In Picardy 
W. B. Yeats
  • An Irishman Forsees His Death 
Floyd Zurbrigg
  • In Canadian Fields