When we think of the poetry of the Great War, we immediately think of the 'soldier' poets such as Wilfred Owen and Siegfried Sassoon. But what of the women poets - those who served on the front lines as nurses, such as Vera Brittain, or those who lost loved ones, such as May Wedderburn Cannan. They too have a voice that should be heard and remembered.
I read a selection of poetry and prose written by women which, though it does not address the horror and futility of war, does address the anguish, heartache and loss felt by those left behind - wives, mothers, sweethearts, sisters.
I have read many of the poems to visitors at the Sandham Memorial Chapel and have seen them visibly moved by the sentiments expressed by these women.
The poets include Vera Brittain, May Wederburn Cannan, Marian Allen, Eva Dobell, Eleanor Farjeon, Katharine Tynan and Lucy Whitmell.