A Christmas Carol

Ideal for those festive occassions. This is a one-man performance of Charles Dicken's 'A Christmas Carol', much as he performed it himself to eager audiences in this country and in the United States of America, to great acclaim.
"Marley was dead, to begin with. There is no doubt whatever about that. The register of his burial was signed by the clergyman, the clerk, the undertaker, and the chief mourner. Scrooge signed it. And Scrooge's name was good upon 'Change for anything he chose to put his hand to. Old Marley was as dead as a door-nail."
It runs for about 45 minutes, but can be extended to 1 hour if required.
I also do a performance of 'Pickwick Papers'.
As an alternative for Christmas, I have a performance entitled "A Christmas Cracker", which presents a variety of festive prose and poetry.
If you wish, you may book 'A Christmas Carol', or if you have any queries then please contact me.

"That was a magnificent performance today, I think you had some of us quite red-eyed towards the end.  Thank you very much." - Bernard Whelan, Chairman, Farnham U3A

"The characters of Scrooge, the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future and Bob Cratchett were brought very vividly to life and this was a real treat and excellent start to the festive period. " - Medstead WI

"It certainly bought the tale to life and kept members enthralled." - Oakley & Deane WI

"55 people enjoyed ... an amazing presentation of 'A Christmas Carol' by Jonathan Jones" -  Concord Club, Farnborough Masonic Centre, December 2012