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About "A Bibliography of Works by and about Friedrich Nietzsche"  

This page is the official site of A Bibliography of Works and Articles by and  about Friedrich Nietzsche. Several websites have "appropriated" this bibliography. After adding a black leather background complete with metal studs to this bibliography, one disturbed soul even listed himself as the coauthor of this site.

    You are free to use this bibliography providing you are willing to acknowledge this source. The Bibliography intends to be a source for scholarly research on the philosophical thought of Friedrich Nietzsche. Begun in the spring of 1992 at the request of Dr. Reiner Schuermann, Graduate Faculty of the New School for Social Research, New York, New York, the following bibliography contains works both in English and German. Please see the Nietzsche Bibliography: Table of Contents.

    Originally, the Bibliography was published as a Bibliography of English and German Articles, Essays, Monographs, and Books on Friedrich Nietzsche, and was available at PHILOSOP@YORKVM1.BITNET (Spring 1993).

    More recently, the Bibliography was located at Xavier University of
Louisiana; however, after the 2005 hurricanes, the Bibliography was removed from the Xavier University server.

    When time permits, I have updated the Bibliography.


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