Junior Youth Group: Grades 5-8

Jr Youth Group Goes Pumpkin Picking: Year is off to a great start!

By Marcia Reinhard, Youth & Israel Programming Director
This past Sunday, October 19, 2014, was a jam-packed day for our youth. The day began at 12:30 p.m. with a caravan of packed cars heading to Riverview Farms in Glastonbury. Eighteen of our Jr Youth Group along with our two Young Emissaries Noa and Ron and four parents enjoyed apple cider and apples, a pizza lunch, a walk through the corn maze, a hay ride, pumpkin picking, ice cream for dessert and time at the petting zoo -- feeding the animals and holding the baby chicks. After decorating the pumpkins, many of our youth chose to donate their pumpkins. I will be delivering them to our local Homeless Hospitality Center, Safe Futures and/or Covenant Shelter.

The weather did not totally cooperate in that the temperatures began to plummet and the wind chill made it feel like 30 degrees. As the day went on, jackets were zipped, gloves were worn, but there was no warming up. However, this group of pre-teens would not be swayed. In spite of the chilly temperatures, the kids had a blast!! We finished off the day with hot apple cider or hot chocolate (thankfully) and delicious apple fritters. 

Thank you to Deb LinderCaryn NovickTammy Kaye and Armi Rowe for driving and/or chaperoning. Without the dedication of the parents, we would not be able to take these kinds of outings.

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October 13, 2014 

Dear Junior Youth Group Members & Parents,

As autumn is upon us and we are well into the high holidays, I wanted to welcome you to the 2014-15 season of the Junior Youth Group. To our active members, welcome back!! We had a fabulous kick-off event on board the Argia out of Mystic. It was great to be with all of you who were able to attend. 

To clarify and answer some questions as to who is a member and how you become a member, I offer you the following explanation. If you are in grades 5 through 8, you are already a member of the Jewish Federation of Eastern CT Junior Youth Group. Your membership is automatic as soon as you enter the 5th grade. With the help of your parents you may choose to be a paid member or a non-paid member. As a paid member, you have the benefit of getting a discount for each event. No matter which you choose, as a 5th through 8th grader, you are already a Junior Youth Group Member. Also, the first time you attend a youth group event, you are eligible to receive a Junior Youth Group tee-shirt for $7. If none are available, one will be ordered for you. (If you ordered one last year and still have not received it, just let me know. I have a box of shirts in my garage.) All the membership information is enclosed. 

Our Junior Youth Group is growing each year as more and more middle school students are becoming actively involved. The more events you attend, the more comfortable you will feel and the more friendships you will make. Remember, some of your own friends are already actively involved or will be. I know kids your age worry about feeling “Awkward”, but I promise you this! If you stay, “Awkward” will leave. Your persistence will run “Awkward” right out of the Youth Group. 

An added bonus to the youth group is being able to spend time with our Young Emissaries as they attend the majority of our events. We begin and end each year with two special events that are unique and engaging. In the course of the year, there will be a few events that take us out of town. This upcoming event is one of them. 

Other family members are welcome to join. I encourage you to meet and mingle with the other kids in the youth group. This will make attending all subsequent events even more fun! The flyer with information about our upcoming event on October 19 is enclosed. 

I hope you will choose to become an active member in our Junior Youth Group this year. Keep in mind, the more you come, the more connected you will feel. Also, the Junior Youth Group is a natural progression into the Senior Youth Group/BBYO Chapter and Jewish Community High School. The friends you make will be moving along with you. 

I am very excited to tell you that our Senior Youth Group became a BBYO chapter last year. We are still learning and growing as a chapter but there is no question that it offers our teens a wealth of growth and leadership opportunities. BBYO also offers “BBYO Connect” for our Junior Youth Group which basically gives us a taste of what is yet to come. Eighth graders are eligible to become members in January 2015 but can attend all local chapter events between now and then. 

I am always available by phone or e-mail if you have any questions or concerns regarding the Junior Youth Group. I am happy to speak with any of my youth group members and/or their parents. It is my pleasure to give you all the encouragement and support you may need. 

I look forward to welcoming you to the fall Junior Youth Group event of 2013-14 and all subsequent events. Parents are also welcome to join us anytime as we are always looking for drivers and chaperones. If you prefer the youth group to be yours and yours alone, and not have a parent present, then that is fine as well. (Please discuss this with your parents.) Please feel free to attend any and all events; whatever and whenever fits your schedule. If you are new to our Junior Youth Group, I look forward to getting to know you. 

See you on Sunday, October 19 as we head to Riverview Farms for a very special autumn day. Chag sameach l’kulam! Happy Holidays to all!! 

Can’t wait to see you, 


Marcia Reinhard 

Director – Israel & Youth Programming 

Jewish Federation of Eastern CT 

28 Channing Street 

New London, CT 06320 

860-442-8062 – w / 860-235-4719 – c 



Junior Youth Group Opening Event

An Afternoon on the Argia

Sunday, Sept. 28, 2014

Enjoy a 2.5 hour cruise on the 81-foot schooner Argia out of Mystic followed by dinner at Mystic Pizza

The details:

• Meet at 1:45 pm for check-in with Marcia at 15 Holmes St., Mystic (Parking in the Argia lot across from Riverwalk Restaurant.)   

Parent(s) must check their child(ren) in with Marcia upon arrival. Please, do not just drop your child off.

Argia will depart at 2:20 pm sharp

Argia returns at 4:50 pm; we will then head over to Mystic Pizza for dinner at approximately 5:15 pm

• Spending money needed for: ice cream at Mystic Drawbridge Ice Cream Shop. Weather permitting, we’ll walk and sit along Mystic River and enjoy our desserts.

$40 per person includes: 90 minute cruise, on-board snacks, pizza and beverages. 

Make checks payable to "JFEC"; please write "Cruise" in memo line and mail to:

JFEC, 28 Channing Street, New London, CT 06320

OR pay via VISA/MasterCard (Call Federation at 860-442-8062)

Family members may pay the same price of $40 and join us for the afternoon.

• Chaperones are needed. Contact Youth Group Director.

Registration & payment in advance will guarantee your place on the schooner.

Contact Youth Group Director, Marcia Reinhard

860-442-8062, 860-235-4719 or mreinhard.jfec@gmail.com

Check weather report day of Sept. 28.

Dress appropriately for the weather. If drizzly and/or overcast cruise is still on. Cruise cancelled only if downpour or other dangerous weather.

If weather is in the ‘downpour’ category, contact Marcia; there is a ‘Plan B’ in place.

The Argia is a Coast Guard licensed vessel.