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The Jewish Leader is the official paper of the Jewish Federation of Eastern Connecticut. Click here to read the latest digital issue. Click here to read past issues of The Jewish Leader!

National Award Winner of the Council of Jewish Federations as the "Outstanding Small Cities Jewish Newspaper." Published every other Friday for the dissemination of Jewish news and views by the Jewish Federation of Eastern Connecticut, New London, CT 06320, (860) 442-8062.

 Managing Editor     Mimi Perl
 Layout Editor                 Forrest Sklar
 Social Editor                 Nadine Lipman
 President Romana Strochlitz Primus
 Executive Director Jerome Fischer
 Mailing Volunteers Ruth & Henry Dunkerley, Jr.
  Mimi & Milt Seed
  Irving Siegel
  Marty Yavener

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Editorial Content: Preferred receipt of editorial material is via email to Mimi Perl, Photo(s) submitted via email should be separate attachment(s) from article. Preferred format is .jpg format; resolution should be a minimum of 200 dpi.

Material sent via fax [(860) 443-4175] or first-class mail [28 Channing Street, New London, CT 06320] should be typed, double-spaced or neatly printed. If you submit a hard copy photo and wish the photo returned, include a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

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