Justice For All legal Service is an alternative legal aid service, which offer a For Mortgage Help Now department to help homeowners save their homes.  We have proven methods to help you save your home, and to stop foreclosures.  As a trained professionals who helps stop foreclosures and understand the mortgage industry, you can take advantage of our experience to save your home.  If you have fallen behind on your mortgage payments for whatever reasons, we are confident that we can help you.  

Here are a few alternatives to foreclosure, we want to save your home.

Reinstatements: or charge offs 

Relief Option:  Includes 
Loan Modification and Bankruptcy

Workout Option:
Negotiation with the lenders
Contact us to see what your alternatives are. 954-612-1982 or email us at 


We have over fifteen years in the legal business, helping people who want to get rid of bad debts to civil litigations.  I have also taken the mortgage broker course and know all about the real estate industry.  Our experience in the legal industry in loss mitigation is what we offer to you to save your home.  Once you contact our office, we began to work for you by setting up your file, and we will explain the process to you, and give you some information that you can read that will help you understand the process. Everything will be explained to you, and there will be someone to handle your questions when you call.  Foreclosure help for you is our goal in saving your home. Let us help you.  We have a 24/7 communication at  or Call us-during business hours M-F  9-5 at 954-612-1982.