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Hi there and welcome to my page.
( I hope to make it look better soon! At the moment it looks bad however it is still easy to see my work)
Here you will find information  as well as current and past works of mine!!!
If you would like to use me or if you would like an audition please send me an e-mail at thank you!
PLEASE If you send me a PM at any site i am on for VA and i do not reply in a day or so  send me an E-mail i check it a few times a day.
I am open for scouting. If you want me to try out for you I can!!

Jezdamayel ( that is me !) is a female voice actress who has been voice acting for just over three years!
She has done voices for many mods as well as some for youtube videos, flash games and many other things.

Youtube (I do cuss on my channel warning)
Steam Group

thank you for looking at my site!

new items in Red

Update March 9th 2014
happy 2014!!

I Now have a working Microphone!

I was asked to say something for a non game related item.  --Serial Experiments-- in the Saturday 12Pm -2Pm timeslot.
Serial Experiments
Ambiguous sounds and images accompanied by unidentified wavelengths from out there. 
In other words, masses of sounds breaking the bounds of techno and house music genres, occasionally followed along by some breaks and other experimental pieces. 

Check it out if you would like! Very interesting!!


Interesting NPCs
If you would like the mod that I am in I would go get it right now.
Before the new files are in.
The mod is very awesome with me in it or not

april 11th  HAPPY TBTB DAY!!!

2013-2014 demo reel!
as always.. hand made script for the reel and no music added!!!

YouTube Video

Here is a Watchable version of the Total Decay video. ( so not you do not need to follow the link!!)

YouTube Video

A Long time ago i worked on the set of TheMineCtaftTales.. I did voice work that sadly was never used.. and i did a few other small things.. 
One day it just ended.. now.. after a year.. it will be back!!
Please Show your support! ( you might also hear me in there in the future)

Past updates Below. separated with ~~~~


The Trailer i did for Total Decay came out.

I need to see how to embed it. but you can find it above labeled Latest Video.
or you can go here! if you like it be sure to say so XD

I did a small bit of work for a friend. I just did  some Moxxi Quotes and Added his youtube name in there. 

I finished two scripts and something else.  I will post them when i can. 
I will also try to post a video of many of my works together. like a demo reel.. how ever.. not ( LOL)
I also plan on playing Vlija.. and recording my parts.. AND I will be doing a lets play of Mothership zeta crew. 

I was just emailed and was told something i did voice for was up!! ( it was up before but the person wanted voices for it ) 
It is a very cute game!! go check it out!! I play Red!

( you can shut off the music in the upper right hand corner.)


I did a voice for a Minecraft lets play. My lines are in ep 3

ep 3

here is a link to the first ep is you would like to see it all . very nice. 

Go check His Other stuff out!!

I finished all my re voicing for Interesting NPCs i might also try out for another role or two as well. 
I will update the videos as i get them. 

The fallout mod : I did two voices for this one.. tried out for another. 

I was asked  to Do some voice work for a upcoming trailer for a game called Total Decay. I was given permission to talk about it. 
There will be a link below. I will update when i have done the lines and it is out.

I think i forgot to talk about another role i have been doing. I have been playing the role of Alison in a Machinima  called Youngblood.


Check His stuff out too!! 

~~~I was just asked to try out for Two amnesia  mods in the future( not the same person)
~~~Might have more work soon with the mod i have been working on and off on for about 2 and a half years ( my very first mod)

remember to look for new finished roles below in red.


a wonderful mod called
Vilja In Skyrim
get it here!!!

here is a mod spotlight video.
i will have a video up of my part soon.

Vilja in skyrim


Confusion (amnesia custom story)


Skyrim mod: Dovahkriid Grenzanger

I am very proud of this mod. as well as the people who made it happen. very wonderful!
Mod link ---
Another ---

Dovahkriid Grenzganger


I did this a bit ago but took it down because at the time the person who made it did not have the names of the voice actors up. here it is.

Sexy Maids of Skyrim 
I played Kristy. Video soon!

link --


I also was asked to do lines for a video( set of) It takes place in GTA IV
it will be here
link when it is up!!


was given permission to talk about another mod i will be in.

it is called  Wars In skyrim V

go check it out!! IT will be awesome!!!!!!!!
I am now working on a wonderful mod! not only that ....I can talk about it as i work on it!!!
Info below!! please go check it out!! GO!!!

The mod is called GOTHIC, Valley of Mines - The Colony
this mod is for Skyrim.. and it is Gothic but lore friendly!
Please go check out the links below for more. my explanation does no justice.

mod main blog
Mod page

I will update as i work!!

Completed works
I have even added my older not as good sounding( to me) works as well.

Said the title of a Radio show.  --Serial Experiments-- in the Saturday 12Pm -2Pm timeslot.

Red Rose Manor
for Oblivion


Small let's play

I WILL NO LONGER BE IN THIS MOD! I Will keep up the videos until they are gone.

Interesting NPCs
3 of 3 roles DONE!! I have a new mic set up i will be redoing these over time



more 2 megaton (2  roles)
mothership zeta crew (4 roles)   
(1 of the roles)

Platform Orion
  ( the video has been removed. i am looking into getting it.)
A Nemi cartoon ( 2 roles) ( i found out later that the video did not belong to the person asking. but i still have the files)
street life  ( 1 role) written by me. video soon!!!
oblivion mod ( 1 role might have been a 2nd.)
Sim 2(fan) movie (1 role)
The NCR mod.  1 role  ( 7:30 in)
The lady and the Genie 1-3 roles  written by me. video soon!
Islander - The Dagger Forged NwN2 Mod

For the Enclave 2 roles (video soon!)
A ghost story -- video link lost
Red Rose Manor  (video above)
Dovahkriid - Grenzganger (video above)

Completed  Va ( not finished work )

Note: a few of these i did voice work for.. but but heard nothing after.I assume they finished  them Or just dropped it not letting me know.
hence i have not videos for them BUT i do have files if interested.
Radio play (1 role)
Dragon age mod (1 role)
Castlevania: Scourge of 1691: Medusa  (:3)
War40k Eldar Craftworld (11-13 roles)
Diamond dust 1 role
Collision Course 1 role
a few radio plays.(small parts)
Mega man voice over. 1 role
amnesia mod

working on
Fakémon Vs. Series 4 roles (one so far)


Fallout 3 mod
Wars in Skyrim V
GTA IV video
GOTHIC, Valley of Mines - The Colony
amnesia mods ( 1 more)

try out/waiting



Demo reel 2013-2014

it is also on my soundcloud.

This add up to well  over 60 different characters  that i have voiced. ( this does not count roles i was not picked for)

thank you for looking!!!