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Neither milchig nor fleishig, neither fish nor fowl, the documents in this section don't quite fit into any other categories on this Web site, but are of interest to Jews of Ecuador.  There are some wonderful gems here!  (By clicking on them, all images are downloadable onto your computer.  Also, you can usually see a higher resolution of the image by clicking on it.) 
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Index to items in this section:  
  • ADVERTISEMENTS from Jewish newspaper in Guayaquil (date unknown, but likely ca. 1950), with annotations and memories
  • ALEXANDER, Alex (Aharon) -- Letter dated July 31, 1951
  • ASSOCIACION DE BENEFICENCIA ISRAELITA (Quito) -- Meeting minutes of April 24, 1940
  • AUCAS futbol club banner
  • BAECK, LEO Rabbi -- Letter from Quito Jewish community to Rabbi Leo Baeck on the occasion of his 80th birthday, and his hand-written response (May 1953)
  • BERCOVICI, Marcelo -- Diploma from Organizacion Juvenil Israelita de Quito (1963)
  • "CACHO" scoring paper from Centro Israelita Guayaquil
  • "CACHO" -- Rules of playing "Cacho"
  • CASA CULTURA -- Various programs that appeared at Casa de la Cultura (Guayaquil) 
  • CENTRO ISRAELITA de Guayaquil, Organizacion Juvenil Israelita "Moadon Tel Jai" Banner
  • COHN, Cati -- Photo of her swim team (July 11, 1951)
  • COHN, Dr. Siegbert -- Recommendation for Dr. Cohn by Dr. Juan Tanca Marengo (July 22, 1954)
  • COHN, Dr. Siegbert & Else -- Congratulatory telegram on the occasion of their 25th wedding anniverary, sent by the Sociedad de las Senoras Israelitas (Guayaquil) (June 10, 1952)
  • COMUNIDAD JUDIA DE GUAYAQUIL -- Commemoration of "degenerate" music of Terezin (2010) -- submitted by Alberto Dorfzaun
  • "CONOZCA ECUADOR" -- Picture book from 1964 (selected pages and images)
  • CORNEJO, Justino -- Article in El Universo entitled, "El Retorno al Israel" (May 26, 1956)
  • FILM FOOTAGE OF ECUADOR from 1949 -- Penn Museum (University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology)
  • FISCHLER, INGE -- Note to her 7th grade student, Cati Cohn (December 1950)
  • GEDALIUS, HERBERT (President of the Quito Jewish Community) -- Letter to Ecuadorian President Camilio Ponce Enriquez (August 21, 1956)
  • GINSBERG, Adolf -- Report about Jewish life in Quito (July 1941)
  • GRUNEWALD, Fred -- Recuerdos (some favorite things)
  • GRUNEWALD, Heinz -- Assorted documents
  • GRUNEWALD, Ilse -- Letter from WIZO Guayaquil to WIZO headquarters (Tel Aviv): Jan. 6, 1954
  • GUAYAQUIL TODAY -- A PowerPoint presentation (2009)
  • GUAYAQUIL: History and vntage photos of the trams of Guayaquil
  • HIGH HOLIDAYS -- Greetings & schedule of services for Jewish year 5714 (1953, Guayaquil)
  • JAFFE, Leib -- Letter dated Nov. 16, 1942, in which Mr. Jaffe, of the KKL, provides his rather negative impressions of the Jewish life in Guayaquil, and his efforts to raise funds for the KKL
  • "JUDEN EUROPAS RUFEN DICH" -- "Las Judios Europeos apelan a Ti" -- Invitation for event
  • JUGENDBUND CHANITA de QUITO -- 45th Year Reunion (July 15 & 16, 1988; Miami, Florida
  • KEREN KAYEMET L'ISRAEL -- Certificate for planting a tree in the "WIZO Guayaquil" forest (May 1944)
  • KEREN KAYEMET L'ISRAEL -- Dedication of the Friendship Ecuador-Israel Forest (June 1990)
  • KAREN KAYEMET L'ISRAEL -- Donations on the occasion of the Brit Mila of Niko Sifnaghel (1950)
  • KEREN KAYEMET L'ISRAEL -- Doonations on the occasion of the Bar Mitzva of Boris (Bumy) Suster (1956)
  • KEREN KAYEMET L'ISRAEL -- Donations on the occasion of the farewell for the Grunewald Family (1961)
  • KEREN KAYEMET L'ISRAEL -- Report on Guayaquil fund-raising campaign (September 1937)
  • KOPPEL, Ilse & Grunewald, Heinz -- Wedding announcement (October 1947), Guayaquil
  • KOPPEL, John and Magda -- Permiso de Domicilio, 1957
  • LEVI CASTILLO, Dr. Roberto -- Article in El Universo titled, "Porque Razon no Puede Antisemetismo in El Ecuador" (1956)
  • "LONGING, THE: The Forgotten Jews of South America" -- A brief description of a 2007 documentary about Ecuadorian "conversos" who seek to reclaim their Jewish religion
  • MATERNIDAD Enrique C. Sotomayor (Guayaquil) -- Photo & comments of the maternity where many JOEs were born during the 1940 - 1960 period
  • MACCABI QUITO Club -- Visit to the Equatorial Monument, with names of members (February 1946)
  • MICHAELSON, HANS -- Report in the "El Universo" (Guayaquil) magazine, "La Revista" (July 2010) about one of Ecuador's leading contemporary artists and a member of the Ecuadorian Jewish community, Hans Michaleson
  • MODEL UNITED NATIONS -- Ecuadorian students win debate in New York City: April 2010
  • ROSH HASHANA -- Greetings & Schedule of Services for Jewish Year 5714 (1953; Guayaquil)
  • SCHAECHTER, Abraham & Victoria (nee Wachsmann) naturalization documents (1950 & 1951)
  • SCHAECHTER, Moselio (Elio) -- article in "El Informativo" (Quito, ca. 1972): "Un Puente Fraterno: Los Schaechter y Nosotros"
  • SEWING MACHINE PROJECT -- WIZO Guayaquil, 1953
  • SOCIEADAS de SENORAS ISRAELITAS (Guayaquil) -- Article  in El Universo (Guayaquil) about the Sociedad de Beneficencia Israelita distributing fabric for clothing, as well as clothing and sweets, to poor children, taking place at the Sociedad de Beneficencia Israelita (January 7, 1952)
  • SOCIEADAS de SENORAS ISRAELITAS (Guayaquil) -- List of Officers (June 1950)
  • SWASTIKAS in Quito & Guayaquil (1960)
  • STERN, David --  Report from 1945 (unknown origin, but his report about Ecuador, the agricultural conditions there, and Jewish farmers and settlers during WWII was written for a Jewish organization)
  • TEATRO EDEN (Guayaquil) -- December 1942 program
  • TRAPP FAMILY SINGERS -- Ad & program of a performance (June 15, 1950)
  • WACHSNER, Eva -- Macabi-Quito Diplomas -- "Campeona en Salto Largo" & "Campeona en 80 Mts. Planos" (July 16, 1944, Quito)
  • WEISER-VARON, Benno -- Cover and Title Page of his book, "Yo Era Europeo," published in Quito, 1943
  • WEISER-VARON, Benno -- Letter to Cati Holland (nee Cohn), dated Jan. 23, 1994 
  • WIZO (Guayaquil) -- Article in newspaper about September 1947 children's performance with a Zionist theme
  • WIZO (Guayaquil) -- Invitation to "Fiesta Infantil" at the Centro Israelita, along with the program for the event and the list of children participating -- August 16, 1953
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