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ShALom! This "mini" magazine's goal is to help Jewish women Thrive by increasing enthusiasm & commitment to physical fitness & health, thereby enhancing our complete well-being in body, mind, & soul.  Thrive is a community collaboration of women, girls, and professionals sharing camaraderie, inspiration, information, and  ideas.  Print & Enjoy!

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p.1 ~ Letter from the Editor about Thrive, p.2 ~ A Place in the Torah for Health and Fitness, p.3-4 ~ Potpourri! (Little Things of Interest), p.5-6 ~ Article: Beat the Barriers to Exercise, p.6-8 ~ Book reviews and recommendations, p.8-9 ~ Summer Fun: Sun safety, hydration, & modest workout clothes!, p.10 ~ Recipes; Comments Form


1. Notes from the Editor, Mini-Quiz: Habits, 2. Reader Profile: Busy Mom, 3-4. Feature article: Changing Bad Habits 5. Online survey results; Strollers and Set Times. 6. Exercise Videos Review; Hair DOs and DON’Ts. 7. Column: Dear Susan, Bandanas: Doin’ the Do Right for Exercise, 8. Extras: recipes, ideas, and serving sizes card. 9. Personal Strength: Fitness Progress Tracker. 10-11. Fitness Progress Tracker cut-out; Magazine Sponsors. 12. Humor: Seasonal Solutions for Whole Grain Bread Overload; Magazine Info


1-2. Chana’s Healthy Corner (Easy Food Math, What Do You Put in Your Coffee?, Healthy Snacks, Active Children) by Chana Rubin, RD; Learn the New Format of the Food Pyramid.  3. ”The Mitvah of Self-Care” by Dr. Shani Fox. 4. Visual guide to home/office exercise.  5.”Learning to be Satiated: An Interview with the founders of SOVEYA”  by Dr. Jill Abrams.  6. ”Eating Disorders: Triumph at Long Last and Helping Others” by Claire Thomas. 7. How to Stay Fit when You’re Snowed In. 7-8. “Preventing and Repairing the Post-Pregnancy ‘Pooch’” by Caryn Shore. 9. ”Cold, Flu, and Exercise” by Alan Freishtat. 10. Why Should You Care About Pesticides?; “A Healthy Way to Prepare for Shabbos and Yom Tov” by Devorah Edelstein, R.N.



Divrei Bracha have been given for Thrive from one of the most notable rabbis in St. Louis.  The point of this is to encourage even more people to read Thrive and give it the approval that some people might want for things being read in their homes.  The rav who gave his divrei bracha was enthusiastic in his support; he found it to be a great magazine: uplifting, enriching, and all-around appropriate.  (Divrei Bracha means "words of blessing" to the endeavor, and is similar to a "haskama" but more appropriate for a non-halachic work.)

About subscribing: Thrive is available primarily via the internet, and then the reader can download and print it for themself or others.  I am able to give paper copies to a large number of individuals in my local community.  It is much too expensive for me to offer to mail copies to people outside of town or outside my friends and family, unless you want to subscribe.  Subscription is $5 a year.*  I can send it to a limited number of people who are not willing/able to send a subscription check, so email me if you do not have any way of getting it online.  Keep in mind you can use the internet at the library if you don't have it at home.  You are free to enjoy this magazine without cost on the website. *Currently 3 issues have been printed. We anticipate printing at least 2 more, but hope to continue for as long as possible.  If you send in a subscription check, you will get however many more come out up through the 5th issue.

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