Kosher Tour Magic of Morocco June 21- July 1 , Aug 16- 26, Oct 11-21 2015

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 Morocco has had a long Jewish history, dating back thousands of years, as early as Roman times. The complex, intertwining relationship between the Jewish and Arabic populations is fascinating and unique in the world. With the foundation of Israel, many Moroccan Jews moved east, but the country is now experiencing a resurgence of interest in the country's Jewish heritage. Our escort on the tour is Raphael Elmaleh, believed to be the only Jewish tour guide in the Arab world. He is also a founder of the Jewish museum in Casablanca. Elmaleh's passion in life is to research the Jewish heritage of Morocco and restore the synagogues and other sites that were left behind by the Jews more than 40 years ago.
Visit to the highlights of the city: Jewish Museum, the famous street of 7 Synagogues, The Beth- El Synagogue, and Jewish School. The Mellah (Jewish quarter) of Casablanca is young by Moroccan standards, not much more than a century old. It assaults the senses in the evening, with a sea of women in brightly coloured djellabahs carrying and selling fruit and vegetables throughout the cramped, narrow streets. While Jews no longer live in the Mellah, kosher butchers are found in the old market, next to other butchers selling horse meat. The Jewish cemetery in the Mellah is open and quiet, with well-kept white stone markers in French, Hebrew and Spanish
drive to Rabat: visit R. Shalom Zawi Synagogue in the Mellah 250 Years Old (the Jewish Quarter). Visit 12th century, Tour Hassan, the minaret built in Almohadic times, and Mohammed V Mausoleums. Depart for Meknes where we visit the Mellah and the 600 year old cemetery & Jewish School. Visit Bab al Mansour, a famous gateway in Meknes, the Olive Market. Drive to Fez, the spiritual, intellectual and cultural capital of Morocco. Dinner at a traditional Moroccan Club with entertainment. Overnight accommodation at luxury riad Perla de La Medina in Fez or similar
Fez In contrast with the young Mellah of Casablanca, the Mellah of Fez is over 650 years old. This picturesque neighbourhood adjoins the royal palace, noted for its recently constructed bright brass doors. Jews took shelter in this palace during the 1912 pogrom. The nearby cemetery contains the tombs of more Jewish saints than any other cemetery in Morocco. One of the more important martyrs is Lalla Solica, who was killed for refusing to convert to Islam. Continuing throughout the old city of Fez, there are traces of ancient Jewish life, including the home of Maimonides, who lived in the city from 1159-1165. Suffering from the persecutions of the Almohad dynasty, Maimonides emigrated to escape forced conversion.
Also in the old city is the mausoleum of Moulay Idriss II, the founder of Fez in the ninth century. In the face of a declining population, the Jewish community of Fez is working hard to maintain its community spirit and preserve its heritage and traditions. The community centre, Centre Communautaire Maimonides, is one of the best organised in Morocco, with a kosher restaurant and modern synagogue on the premises. The Centre was created in the early 1980's in a building housing a Talmud Torah synagogue and school. Dinner at the Jewish Club.
 visit to the Jewish Quarter, 500 Year Old Synagogue, and the Bahia Palace
Excursion to the Ourika Valley, visit to the Berber Village & the last Jew living on the mountain. Back to Marrakech, visit to the old city & get ready for Shabbat dinner at Home of the Ohayon family. Accommodation at 5* Ryad Mogador Menara in Marrakech or similar. Marrakech – Essaouira – Marrakech
Travel to Essaouira (Mogador), originally a Portuguese port. Essaouira is one of Morocco’s most enjoyable and attractive towns on the coast. Its charm is undeniable with its white washed and blue shuttered houses, art galleries, wood workshops, fishermen and colourful boats - all enclosed by ancient red walls. The town faces a group of rocky islands and is surrounded by an expanse of empty sandy beaches and dunes. Everything in the small centre is within walking distance and the beaches are quite clean. Visit to the Jewish cemetery; Haim Pinto's grave the Mellah and all of the Jewish area. Return to Marrakech for an overnight at the hotel 5* Ryad Mogador Menara in Marrakech
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