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For those of us that grew up  there,  Jewish Newport is a memory that very real.  Like an onion, it has many layers. Cut the onion in half, and press it against your skin until you are touching each layer.  So it is with memories; they mingle  together and touch us to create Jewish Newport.  I have layers for the family, for the history, for the trees , for the foghorns and the ferries, for the bridges, for the shuls and the schools. When I visit Newport now, it does not seem real. It may have been restored, and cleaned up, but it bears little resemblance to the Newport in my memory, nor to any Newport that existed in the past.

I grew up in Newport. When I was born in 1950, Newport was a run down town with a large Navy base. Most of my Jewish contemporaries left Newport to make their way in a wider world, as did I.