The Mailing List

The list is an announcement-only list, and no discussions will be allowed. If you have a question about a particular announcement, please e-mail the person who posted it. Attachments are not allowed on the list.

Please prefix your subject with one of the following: 

[Article] - For new articles related to Jewish genealogy and history. If the article is not available online, please include an abstract of article in the e-mail and a link to the publication where the article was published.
[Blog] - Announcements of new blogs connected to Jewish genealogy. 
[Book] - For announcements of new books, or reviews of news books. Please link to the book's web site, or the book on an online bookseller.
[Conference] - Announcements of upcoming conferences, and calls for papers/speakers.
[Event] - A one time event or lecture of interest to genealogists. For regular genealogy society meetings and lectures, use Meeting, and for larger conferences use Conference instead.
[Meeting] - Announcements of upcoming genealogy meetings. Include date, time, cost, etc.
[Newsletter] - Announce a new issue of a newsletter here, but please restrict to those newsletters that are available online to the public. If possible, please include abstracts of all the articles in the newsletter, or at least of one article.
[Resource] - New online resources like new databases, new web sites, etc.

When announcing a Meeting or Conference, please make sure to include the location and date at the end of the subject line. Please add the date in Mon DD, Year format, so if a meeting will take place in Boston, add the following as an example to the end of the subject:

(Boston, MA, Jan 10, 2011)

Please use English three-letter month abbreviations only.

Thus the full subject of an upcoming meeting on genetic testing could be:

[Meeting] Genetic Testing and Its Applications in Jewish Genealogy (Boston, MA, Jan 10, 2011)

If you have questions about these rules, or want to suggest an additional category, please e-mail the group administrator at

The Web Directory

You may submit any web site for addition to the Web Directory, but it must be related to Jewish Genealogy. Please include contact information for the site administrator in case we need to contact you about your listing. If the site goes down or the website address changes, we ask that you please inform the group administrator of the change.

We are not currently accepting individual town sites from ShtetlLinks in the directory, because there are too many with the current directory structure. If we enhance the directory in the future making it easier to navigate many sites, we will reconsider adding ShtetlLink sites at that time.

The Researcher Directory

Researchers submitting their information to the directory must include their name, certification if any, whether they operate by themselves or in a larger company, their web site, and a short description of their areas of expertise.