The goal of this service is to provide a single central service for all announcements related to Jewish Genealogy. This includes announcments about upcoming meetings, conferences, new books, new articles, new blogs, new online resources, etc.

The heart of this service is the Google Group, which you can join by following the link below:

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To see our rules for posting, please go to our Rules page.

All announcements posted on the list are tweeted on our twitter feed @jewishgnews. Please follow us on Twitter to get the latest Jewish Genealogy News.

All announcements are also posted to our Facebook page. Please visit our Facebook page and click on the 'Like' button to follow announcements on Facebook.

In addition to the mailing list, Twitter feed and Facebook page, we have set up some directories on this web site which we hope will be useful. First, there is a list of web sites related to Jewish Genealogy in our Web Directory. Also, we have a directory of for-hire genealogy researchers on our Researchers page. We have an open submission policy for these directories, and as such we don't endorse any site or researcher listed in these directories.

Also, while a bit experimental, we've also added a Calendar where you can post events. You must have your own Google Calendar to post an event to the Calendar. See the Calendar for details.

If you have questions about the group, please feel free to contact the group administrator at jewishgnews@gmail.com.

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