Surprisingly, one of the most dangerous elements of any minor or major surgery can occur prior to being placed on an operating table.  Personal injury arising from anesthesia negligence is more common than most might imagine. In fact, medical malpractice as a result of anesthesia can even occur in dentists’ offices or cosmetic clinics. Although anesthesia is a routine procedure before most major surgeries, it can hardly be considered safe. Anesthesia-related injuries are usually catastrophic and debilitating and can include permanent personal injury, heart attack, stroke, brain damage and even death.

Many health care providers are involved with the administration of anesthesia, including dentists, surgeons, nurses, nurse anesthetists, anesthesiologists and other doctors. Any of these individuals can be liable for medical malpractice and negligence   as a result of personal injury to you or your loved one.

There are a number of reasons why these individuals might be the cause, and thus, liable for anesthesia complications. For example:

    * They may fail to carefully scrutinize or fail to read a patient’s medical chart and note the age, weight, injury, allergies and other specific complications, all of which affect how anesthesia is administered. As a result, patients might be administered improper levels of anesthesia, causing a permanent injury, stroke, heart attack, brain damage or even death.
    * Surgical procedures require communication. Unfortunately, given the rushed nature of many operating rooms, doctors, nurses and other hospital staff can fail to communicate properly regarding the administration of anesthesia. Hundreds of surgeries are conducted every day in Florida hospitals, making the risk of negligent communication all too real.
    * Administering anesthesia requires diligent training and proper certification. Dentists, surgeons, nurses, nurse anesthetists, anesthesiologists and other doctors might lack the experience to administer appropriate levels of anesthesia.
If you or a loved one has been the victim of anesthesia-related medical malpractice, you may be entitled to damages including medical expenses, lost wages and other compensation.

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