Marcela Andre Regalia

Pure silver necklace by commission

Old Mexican Silver Coins

Cap and Ray, from 1930's to 1940's, Handmade setting. 22 Coins. 
 $1,088.88 USD 


LEMURIA -Grand garland necklace. Kanda Kumari Crystals, gilded goodies, baroque pearls, Sterling locket, seashell mango, Madagascar fossil ammonite

$1,008.00 USD




Frida Kahlo Jade and Silver

Similar jewelry and regalia used by Frida Kahlo procured by Marcela Andre from same sources in Mexico, to order. 

Little Sombrero
Sterling, Florentino, crystals.
$68.00 USD

Little Gingerbread Man

One earring 
Marcela Andre

Like Nothing Else
$18.00 USD 



Pink Sparkle

Vintage with sparkles.
$28.00 USD

Gulf Coast Beach

18th-Century silk brocade strands with pearls on South Padre Island bivalves, gold wires and leaf.  $208.00   



Marvelous Medicine Silver

Necklace-pure silver nugget-Baltic amber-Greek silver-purple fluorite-Baltic amber. Purple glass leaf beads. Amethysts $308. USD.




Fabulous Red Velvet Cuff

Soft purple velvet and 18th Century silk brocade to Guadalupe and Dolphins and real amethyst, antique coin, hearts delight on purple velvet.  Very cushiony. Completely secured with break-proof threads.

Baltic Beach

Beauty from nature always

Baltic amber and beads of some natural material, Sterling wires and amber glass beads.

$108.00 USD Fantastic amethyst with Bohemian antique pendant and crimson pearls and antique red glass. Lashed with antique silk cords by the artist, Marcela Andre.


The necklaces have details impossible to see in pictures. I can show you the piece on Skype. Jewels Andre Gallery. 






$88.00 USD

Real fence wires with tohmbac lash. Designs to benefit education worldwide for managing and preventing anemia, symbolized by the iron wire in the bracelet. Many more available.

Custom Jewels and Design

 Authentic geology from the prehistoric seabeds, jewels strung with fine gems, the hands of Marcela Andre.

Stage Regalia

Marcela Andre, Jewels, Green Room

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Pedernales River Heart 8

Collected by the artist, Marcela Andre
$48.00 USD


Frida Kahlo Jade and Silver

Similar jewelry and regalia used by Frida Kahlo.