Teachers all throughout ESU 10 have the opportunity to explore a new way to put up web pages thanks to a grant that was awarded to ESU 10. Manila is server software purchased by ESU 10 that allows teachers to put up pages simply using forms on their website. A template keeps the design headache to a minimum and helps keeps the teacher site consistent. The teachers that have gone through the training have given it rave reviews. "I liked that it is so easy to learn and use," said one participant. "This is great! This is the best way that I have used to build web pages," another commented. Teachers and LAN Managers with skills varying from those who have never created a web page to the advanced html experts have all loved the simplicity this software provides.

Manila III

Manila III is the 3rd part in a series of Manila workshops. We will review images gallery options and other multimedia enhancements. We will also open it up for other topics depending on the needs of the participants.

Digital Storytelling

Digital storytelling is an exciting educational tool we have started using with teachers from all over central Nebraska. From developing stories to building storyboards.  Collecting media such as photos, interviews, music, sound effects, movies and more to enhance the story is all part of the fun. Getting to put it all together and deliver it on the web or on DVD is the ultimate satisfaction.

Photoshop Elements

From quick corrections to creative editing, you can easily achieve high-quality results. Whether you use a digital camera or scan traditional photos, Photoshop Elements makes digital imaging a breeze. Organize photos in the File Browser, where you can preview, sort, rotate, and rename images.

Web Academy

Web Academy for Teachers (WAcT) is a 5-day workshop in which teachers will develop an educational web site. Participants will use Manila, an easy-to-use web-development application which focuses on content rather than design. Templates are used to create a web site that can be used in and out of the classroom. The resulting web site can assist teachers in instruction and is accessible from home, thus providing students<breve>and parents<breve>access to assignments and other resources required for the class. Other topics will include web accessibility, clip art & graphics, scanners, image editors, as well as how to include previously created Word, PDF, PowerPoint and movie files.

TALM - Technology Academy for LAN Managers

Technology Academy for LAN Managers (TALM) TALM is a 5-day workshop designed to provide LAN managers with networking fundamentals, router trouble-shooting techniques, network-management configuration, Macintosh- and Windows-workstation configuration, technology planning, Internet addressing, cable and ethernet installations, hardware and software trouble-shooting guidelines, vendor-relationship techniques, upcoming technology trends, file-transfer and expansion procedures, web-page management, and more.


This workshop will introduce Podcasting, a multimedia tool which closely resembles a radio broadcast, and the benefits of its use in the classroom. We will learn how to find, subscribe to, and use Podcasts for our own professional development and for use as a tool for students in your classroom. Podcasts are advantageous for auditory learners, who use the tone of voice, pitch, speed and other nuances to process information effectively. This is a unique time in which we have tools at our disposal that allow us to easily and efficiently create opportunities for students to experience learning that is individualized to them.