Welcome to Lee Research Group at Boise State University

Jeunghoon Lee
Asscociate Professor of Chemistry and Materials Science & Engineering
SN 324
(208) 426-3473

Educational Background
B.S., Seoul National University, 1994
M.S., Seoul National University, 1996
Ph.D., University of Connecticut, 2005
Postdoc, Northwestern University, 2005-2008

Research Interest
Many inorganic materials in nanometer size scale exhibit unique properties that are not only scientifically intriguing but also technologically significant. These nanoparticles, however, have to be incorporated into architectures that provide specific functionality. Goal of our research is to 1) synthesize, functionalize, and assemble nanoparticles with high degree of architectural control, 2) devise methodologies to assemble functional structures from nanoparticle building blocks, and 3) use nanoparticles for biological sensing.

Research in our group focuses on 1) synthesis and DNA-functionalization of inorganic nanoparticles, 2) development of novel colorimetric biological sensing technologies, and 3) characterization and analysis of the nanostructures. The resulting nanoscopic assemblies will be tested and used for applications such as biological imaging, chemical sensing, optoelectronic devices.

We are an integral part of interdisciplinary DNA nanotechnology research group (nano.boisestate.edu

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