Sleepy Dog Labs

Sunny Afternoon Projects

These are a few of the projects I've worked on that I thought might be worthwhile to share with others. I hope you find something of interest.

Seeing the Unseen - Schlieren Photography, a beautiful method to visualize the unseen world of heat, cold and density.

Birefringence Hidden Messages - Messages revealed by the optical properties they contain.

Shower Flow Meter - The first step toward conservation is measurement.

Power over Ethernet Electroluminescent Cable - An Ethernet cable that lights up to help you find it.

Singing Laserium - Sing into it and watch the pretty patterns emerge. A laser based mechanical visualization of song.

Polarized Hidden Images - A hidden image display based on the 1988 political thriller "They Live" by John Carpenter.

Zombie Detector / Flash Hidden Message - Only a bright flash of light will reveal the results.

Magnetic Hidden Messages - A meaning hidden in the flux.

Infrared Hidden Messages - You not only have to know where to look, you have to know how.

Polarized Hidden Messages - A way to display messages in public that not everyone can see.

Bathtub Cleaning Drill Brush - Need to clean your tub? Hate scrubbing by hand? Need to find any excuse to use your power tools?

Recycled Fence Board Flower Box - Use the abundance of recycled materials you have to make useful, beautiful things. Everyone loves getting these as a gift.

Smoking Salmon on the Grill with Charcoal - A relaxing way to spend a Sunday.

Zombie Taser Bats - Tools for the upcoming zombie uprising. 

Zombie Compound Bats - Mechanical advantages through stored energy.

Simulated Colorblindness - This project used UV color changing beads to hide a message under indoor light.

Panel Door Headboard - Recycle a beautiful old wood panel door into an awesome headboard for your bed.

Table Salt Cones - A unique way to present salt on your dinner table.

Drywall/Plywood Cartop Carrier/Roof Rack - Carry 4 x 8 sheets of material home in your little sedan..