Once Upon a time is the west, video installation, 2010

This video-installation is inspired on the classical Western Saloon from the United States.  Th 'saloon' is build out of used orange-crates and functions as a cinema.
Inside the house a 4 minute-video of desolated desert-architecture from California is shown. The camera literally follows the 'skeletons' of old and trashed bungelow-houses, just before their collaps.  Our eye follows the straight lines from one wooden beam to another, then follows the square blocks on the ceiling,  registering first sunlight, then repetitive patches of shade. The images from the video  almost merge with the crate-Saloon itself, and the sound of the desertwind, coming from the video, gets mixed with the sounds from outside the cinema that easily enter the space through the holes in the wall.
This saloon was made in collaboration with architect Alexander Lefebvre and was first shown on the Kunstvlaai in Amsterdam summer 2010. From there it moved to the exhibition Green Summer, 29 mei- 31 oktober 2010 at the Verbeke Foundation (www.verbekefoundation.com) in Belgium.

Upon on the Kunstvlaai, Westerpark Amsterdam


inside Upon with video-projection

inside Upon with video-projection


Upon at the Verbeke Foundation, Belgium