The Colony

From may 12 to june 15 2010, the Sandberg Institute had its own artist-colony in Kunsthuis SYB.
Colony participants: Richtje Reinsma, Pavel van Houten, Mannie Krak, Dorien de Wit, Sachi Miyachi, Salomé Lamas, Battal Kurt, Tom Milnes, Gemma Pauwels, Aukje Dekker, Wouter Venema, Marrit Snel, Su Tomesen, Nadine Hottenrott, Wouter Klein Velderman, Jetske Verhoeven.

As a member of the Colony I was taking part in writing its history. I decided that the core of our group-existence, the house of Kunsthuis SYB itself, would be the paper to write on.
In the middle of the renovated house, parts of the old architecture remain. The old brick walls are turned slightly outwards, wooden beams that were once supporting the roof are hanging loosely above the ground. As these remains shows the history of the house they are also showing a deviation of its construction, caused by time.
I used forty thin slats to show a correction of times' deviation within the old construction.