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2000 stoelen

When in 2005 the chair-project took place in Lent, the village across the river was in the process of getting enveloped by the city of Nijmegen and, at the same time, some of its houses were threatened to be demolished to make space for a different 'routing' of the river.  
The city was celebrating its 2000-year anniversary and in this context I decided to make a site- specific on the rivershore in Lent. I collected 2000 chairs among citizens and placed them on the shore for a period of ten days. People from the city crossed the bridge to sit down on the chairs, and with their legs in the sand, their face in the wind and surrounded by cows, they were looking back at their city from the place that was normally part of their view.
This project was made possible with the help and goodwill of numerous 'Lentenaren', local organisations and companies in Lent and Nijmegen, friends and relatives.

Now 'Lent' is called 'New' Nijmegen and after the discovery of the the wide-stretched patch of sand it is now often used for commercial festivities.