Reproduced with Consent

Royal Albert Hall, London, 3 May 2007

My hectic work/life balance regime means that I am now too lazy to write my own accounts of London life. So, with my friend Huy's permission, I reproduce his much better and wittier account of my recent debut into London high society (with some footnoted comments).

Another dazzling chapter in my shiny life was penned last Thursday night when I took to the town in my dinner suit to attend THE BRITS at the Royal Albert Hall. Yes, that would be the Classical Brit Awards ladies and gentlemen, an event attended by the likes of Paul McCartney, Sting and the Duchess of Cornwall (aka Camilla Parker-Bowles). My entourage (Jen, Joyce and Michael [JK: Who was a stand-in for Huy's other choices who couldn't attend - the significance of this will be revealed later]) and I entered the theatre through the same door as the A-listers to take our seats for the pre-show dinner in box 21 on the Grand Tier. Uh huh. We feasted on a three course meal in the Royal Albert Hall, in a private room which faced the stage dead front on - possibly the best seats in the house (Camilla had to contend with facing the stage at 45 degrees). No sh@t I assure you! And I got these tickets for free through work. At curtain call, we adjourned to the seats by the balcony to be entertained by some of the giants of the classical music world - Lang Lang [JK: Who apparently I resemble even though he is a guy - I think it's the hair], Joshua Bell and some tenor from Peru famous for his high C's, to name a few... and Sting (he performed a cute song with a lute accompaniment). I saluted them all with restrained clapping and not overly vigorous head nods. It was so very wild.

Unfortunately, my camera ran out of battery soon after I entered the theatre - hence, only one indoors picture. And as Joyce was running a bit late, I didn't manage to get any pictures of her outrageously fabulous dress that had a neckline that went all the way down to her navel - let's hope she passes on some of her pictures to upload on here for the enjoyment of our readership! [Clarification: It did NOT go all the way down to my navel!]

Here is Michael's acceptance speech when informed he was going to the awards after the first pick and the first reserve declined:

"In true awards style, I'd like to say a few words of thanks for being awarded the second reserve position. First of all, it was an honour even to be considered amongst this exalted company. I suppose it's a tribute to years of hard work being nice to Huy. I won't say it's been easy or pleasant, but it's now turned out to be quite rewarding. I look forward to celebrating this award with you all next Thursday!"