Tranzie Degustation Lunch

19 August 2007 - Chateau Tranzie, Islington

Inspired by our meal at the Fat Duck, we decided to extend the eating fiesta to our own degustation lunch.


 The venue: Chateau Tranzie

A 5 course extravanganza with sort-of matching wines (we're not entirely sure why we ended up with sparkling shiraz with dessert).

Epierreuse Tropicale de Palais.  A beautifully smooth mango and passionfruit palate-cleansing sorbet from Iron Chef Swinson (of elephant drawing fame).  An impressive start! Although despite what babelfish says, I think the French word for sorbet is....sorbet.

Seasonal by Default. A freak! ass of seasonal ingredients marinated 'in extremis'. Otherwise known as salmon, tuna and snapper ceviche served with a floret of bread from Iron Chef Le (current holder of the section 52 award for a misleading and deceptive chocolate tart at the 2005 Birthday Bake-off). It was so good it inspired some spontaneous in-the-chair dancing.

Duck and Pork San Choi Bao.  Iron Chef Tran celebrated the happy union of a roast duck and fat pig in a panache of shiitake mushrooms, water chestnuts and spring onions. Served inside a robust atomic platform (cut diligently into perfect round shapes).

Fiona's triumph. Rising above his tragic childhood of excessive amounts of crumbed food, Iron Chef Manzie brought forth lightly fried whole quail marinated in Fiona's secret recipe of over 30 ingredients. Again, served on a robush, atomic platform.

Cholesterol Count 6.3. From Iron Chef Kwok, a wholly fruit-based dessert platter (champagne jelly, tropical fruit jelly,  summer berry terrine, lime and coconut pudding with mango gravy, strawberry and marscapone tarts) in an fruitless (!) attempt to counter her shockingly high cholesterol count.

Buoyed by the collective gasps of amazement and spontaneous self-congratulations, we decided that Kitchen Stadium deserved another round. So, look out for the Cheese Challenge in October, hosted by the Grande Fromage himself, Iron Chef Swinson.