Manic Month of Music
The Big Smoke - June 2007

My hair is getting wilder, my clothes are getting cooler and I even buy NME to read on the train.

Yes, the Manic Month of Music is having an effect on me.

Wednesday 6 June - New Young Pony Club at Koko

NYPC have a lot of hype and some song about a dairy product in an Intel ad. A fun lively gig but in my book shouting does not = singing. I did love the yellow jumpsuit on the lead shouter. Best thing was Koko - a beauteous venue with the biggest disco ball I have ever seen. 

Thursday 7 June - City Showcase around Soho

A terrible Canadian band showcase gig at Metro on Oxford St.  We couldn't bear the unattractive band and very bad music so trooped off to electronica night at The Social. To our relief the attractiveness quotient increased immeasurably thanks to the cooler-than-thou media crowd but I couldn't deal with the "Hare Hare Krishna" chorus of the dance act, so cycled home, beating my flatmate using public transport by 10 minutes.*

*obligatory London public transport/pro-cycling rant

Sunday 10 June - George Michael at Wembley Stadium

I have to admit I'm not a great fan of George, but who am I to turn down free tickets to the O2 corporate box at the new Wembley Stadium? You've gotta have FAITH.

Unsurprisingly, I had a great time - free food, free drinks, good seats away from the hoi polloi. As for the gig - there were certainly some great 80s anthems belted out by George, and I liked his roll screen. Twas also amusing seeing Wembley turn into a hive of booty-shaking matrons.

Thursday 14 June - O2 Wireless Festival at Hyde Park

My clients include the O2 content team, so when I pouted that "the lawyers are always forgotten" my colleague and I were presented with not just VIP tickets - but VVIP tickets comprising a Swarovski crystal wristband embedded with near field communication technology. According to Grazia magazine, THE accessory of the summer!

I have never been a VIP so I was childishly excited by the whole shebang. What's not to like about free food, free drinks, bean bags away from the hoi polloi - and hairdressing services? I was useless at the celeb spotting but apparently Peaches Geldof was on the decks, some random rugby players were drinking cocktails and David Gest (ex-husband of Liza Minnelli and all-round weird guy) tramped around with his entourage demanding an umbrella.  

Queens of the Stone Age roared, the White Stripes rocked, and I managed to conduct myself in a professional manner on the O2 open-topped double decker bus parked in the middle of the crowd. Then the tidal wave of non-decision-making started:

1. Discovered another wristband on my arm for the Swarovski after party 2. Found myself in a tuktuk going up Picadilly at a cracking pace 3. Dancing wildly and doing the limbo with the MD of Pandora at Paper nightclub (favoured haunt of P Diddy and Keira Knightley) 4. At the bar next to some short guy - then realising he was the lead singer of the Stereophonics 5. Shunted out of Paper by my clients because they wanted Chinese food 6. Head of EMI ordering a 6 course Chinese banquet... which time (after downing my third crispy duck pancake when I wasn't hungry) I realised that I had ended up at an O2 stag night....and it was TIME TO GO HOME.

Saturday 16 June - Muse at Wembley

Muse are one of my favourite bands but I'd seen them several times before in more intimate venues, so I wasn't planning on going to their Wembley concert. Well, the God of Music had other thoughts so I found myself sitting in the rafters of Wembley, enjoying once of the most amazing gigs I have ever been to. Flawless musicality, incredible energy, amazing light and sound (smoke, flames, aerial acrobats suspended from balloons). The whole thing was spine-tinglingly spectacular.

Sunday 17 June - O2 Wireless at Hyde Park x 2

Back to the mosh pit for my second dose of the O2 Wireless Festival (talk about commitment to my workplace). After lunch I managed to snooze my way through Polysics (check out their version of My Sharona), Mumm-ra, The Cribs, waking up for The Editors and getting crushed and having beer thrown at my head during The Kaiser Chiefs. Being a lawyer-dag, I would also occasionally shout out whenever the user-generated content on the big screen did not meet the requirements of the Moderation Agreement (Huy and Caro managed to get through - see below).  Much fun was had by all.

Thursday 21 June to Monday 25 June - Glastonbury. That's another story.

Coming up....Ash, Justin Timberlake, The Roots and Prince!

Never let it be said that I don't support the arts.