Every story deserves to be told.

Note for all visitors to this site: I write slash. In plain English, that means that if you don't like stories involving men in homoerotic and (frequently) sexual relationships, then you're in the wrong place. 

And for the sake of your own dignity, don't blame me if you go on to read my stuff and are subsequently offended by it. I didn't make you read it.


That being said, I hope you come on in and have a look around. I've been told that I write a good tale and I'm proud of that, but it utterly baffles me how many people out there will turn down a story simply because they have issues with the sexuality of the characters. There's more to love than what's between one's legs. And besides, there's a double standard: males are encouraged to and even expected to find femslash attractive, but the thought of guy-slash seems to trigger some sort of homophobic guy-alarm and make heterosexual males (and some females) freak the hell out. And that bothers me too; I'm proud of the stories I've come to tell, proud of all the work and emotion that's gone into them, but I'm very careful who I tell about them in real life because I don't want to offend anybody or make them think I'm a freak. And for the record, 'freak' is in the eye of the beholder.


To paraphrase what I've heard from several different sources, slash was invented in order to give fanfiction writers an outlet, something to further expand on their favorite characters and delve deeper into their emotions--and maybe admittedly write some really hot manly sex--without the great stinking albatross carcass of the show's canon heterosexual One True Pairing tied around the show's figurative neck (I'm lookin' at you, my once-beloved CSI: NY). Fanfic writers can get away with social or emotional situations--or scientific improbabilities--that show writers can't or won't touch with a ten-foot pole. And before somebody starts griping about how it's not 'real' writing, I'll tell you first-hand that writing fanfiction is a hell of a lot harder than writing original fiction, because the moment you are untrue to somebody else's character, it automatically raises nine kinds of hell. But if it's done right, then it's amazing what kind of stories you can pull from a character; you just have to get into their head just as much as their 'voice' is in your own.

And I don't just 'write porn,' or at least I try not to. I try to tell stories, and just like having an adult scene doesn't automatically make a movie into a XXX-rated feature, so does having the occasional inter-character hanky-panky make my stories NOT harlequin novels. And for another thing, I try to be as realistic as possible, so in other words it's everything a harlequin novel is not. Seriously, harlequins are almost as bad as really juvenile fanfiction. Eesh.

And now that that's all out of my system... please enjoy.

~ JetpackAngel


Yes, I am still writing. I just wish my muses

would help me finish chapters as well as

give me material to start new ones.

Welcome to the slightly demented lair of creativity, courtesy of me, JetpackAngel!

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 Mostly Canon Fanfiction:

Fics in these sections are as close to the show's environment, characterizations, and canon as possible, so it's a good place for those not into alternate universes to start.

Serial Fictions:

Keeping the Faith

The one CSI: Miami fiction that I've been working on, and it goes hand-in-hand with one of my NY fictions, New York State of Mind.


New York State of Mind

CSI:NY fanfiction number 1. It mostly follows the show and runs side-by-side with my Miami fiction Keeping the Faith. What starts off as a little after-work fling becomes something much, much more. It takes time for old wounds to heal, though. Danny wants to help Mac get past his old pain, or at least crack a smile every now and then. Mac is just... well, Mac.   *Be warned, intro page has naughty artwork that shouldn't be viewed at work or around kids.


Mostly canon stand-alone stories:

Come As You Are

(CSI:NY) Mac gets a nasty knock on the head at work, and Danny decides to try and make him feel better... with mixed results.

Just Use Your Imagination

(CSI:NY) Danny brings home a 'friend' that wants to play with him and Mac, and he also makes Mac wear a blindfold. Pure threesome PWP.

Comfort Zone (coming someday!)

(CSI:NY) Mac and Danny visit a certain club, which caters to a specific sort of clientele. Within its walls, Mac begins to come to grips with his body, to accept his sexuality, and he finally learns to trust Danny with far more than either of them ever dreamed. Bottom!Mac kink!fic.

Will You Be My Enemy? (coming someday!)

(Burn Notice) My 'as canon as possible' ficlet. Michael Westen may be a master of subtlety, but when dealing with somebody as unpredictable as Victor Stecker-Epps, even super-spies need a clue bus every once in a while.

White Flag Warrior

(Burn Notice) Jesse sneaks into Michael's loft and meets Victor. This does not begin well, though Jesse does live long enough to learn a few things. Spoilers for midway through season 4.

Caperland Fics

My archive for ficlets, drabbles, prompts, and graphics for the LJ challenge community. Main fandom will be, of course, Burn Notice.

 Alternate Universe Fanfiction (vampirism)

We Don't Die 

(CSI:NY Alternate Universe) Probably the best story I've ever put out if I'm allowed to say so myself. It's a universe much like our own, except that the Children of the Night aren't just legends. Mac is more familiar with those 'legends' than most of the NYPD. His is a life of loss and suffering and he's headed down a very dark spiral, and those he's closest to all have their own ideas on how to save him. It's a new twist on an old legend as well as a whole new way at looking at some of our favorite characters. It gets dark, violent, bloody, funny, cute, often romantic and always thoughtful, and of course, so freaking hot.


Beauty in the Beast

(CSI:NY Alternate Universe) Change is in the air for Stella Bonasera, once a CSI and now the new ambassador to the United Nations' newest prospective member: a nation rumored to be run by vampires. The first thing Stella learns upon meeting the Ambassador Malkier Talaris and his 'aides' Danny and Don is that nothing is what it seems. Information comes with its prices, though, and since Malkier isn't telling her everything, Stella takes it upon herself to do her own digging. Unfortunately it may cost her more than she anticipated when she finally meets the one with all the answers, and Malkier's dark secret comes to light.


Your Kind, My Kind, Humankind (coming someday!)

(CSI:NY / NCIS Crossover) Like Beauty and the Beast, it's yet another place where I use the We Don't Die universe and tell a different story with it. This one brings a whole new meaning to the word 'dark.' Gibbs is tapped to run a mission with a new 'security firm,' and he gets a good hard look at the goverment's latest super-soldier. Not everything is as it seems, though, and when the truth is revealed, it's up to Gibbs and his team to break Mac and Danny out before the government takes things too far.


Ask Me No Secrets, Tell Me No Lies (working title, story still under construction)

(Burn Notice) Next verse same as the first: set in the We Don't Die universe, except with Michael and Victor and a lot of the gang from Burn Notice. It follows the same premise as Your Kind, My Kind, Humankind (which I realize none of you have read yet) but it's what could've happened if the government had done it 'right.' A lone man wakes up in a secret government facility with no memory, and given three pieces of information: his name is Victor, he's a vampire, and his new best friend is a strangely knowledgeable and unflappable man named Michael. What starts out as a 'rehabilitation center' for vampires is quickly discovered to have sinister implications as Victor begins to recover his memory, enabling him to figure out the facility's true purpose. But he's not mad, really. This is Victor we're talking about.

Terms of Estrangement (page and story are both still under construction)

(Burn Notice / Dark Blue / Leverage / CSI:NY / In Plain Sight / numerous other fandoms Alternate Universe) Unlike my other vampire! fic, this is a Burn Notice fic set in the Sylum!verse. Michael always knew that Victor was a little different, and that was before Victor showed up on his doorstep three months after his death. Things go apace until an old friend from Victor's past shows up and informs Michael that he holds more than just the keys to Victor's future. Upon learning of Victor's origins and the real reason behind his mental break, Michael has to make a choice: to keep trying to get back into his old agency or to join a new one, which Victor has been a member of for far longer than anyone realizes... although admission comes with a steep price. Co-written by Melissa.


Alternate Universe Fanfiction (non-vampire):

Elfwood (page done, just waiting on the words)

(CSI:NY Alternate Universe) In a sort of sci-fi / fantasy / forensic drama / romance thing that comes together so well that it astonishes me, Mac is one of many scientists on a colonial expedition to a newly discovered planet. Danny is one of the planet's natives. Learning more about each other teaches them more about themselves, and then they discover the secret that will shake the foundations of the universe.


Zoo York (page done, just waiting on the words)

(CSI:NY Alternate Universe) Everything's fine with a little fur, as Mac and Danny will come to learn in this world where everybody's an anthropomorphic animal-person and where the most important things in the world are family, love, and forgiveness.


Close Encounters of the Furred Kind (coming someday!)

(CSI:NY Alternate Universe / Stargate SG-1 / Stargate: Atlantis) When the Earth Gate is dialed and a mysterious alien child steps through, the people of Stargate Command find themselves face-to-face with a species never before discovered among the stars. And when the child's father mounts a rescue and brings the whole family along for the ride, it begins a journey that will span across species, cultures, planets, solar systems, and even galaxies as the rather furry travelers from Kalinnin take up the fight alongside the humans, all the while searching for a way home.


Hour of the Wolf (coming someday!)

(CSI:NY Alternate Universe) Based on TheTenthMuse's Wolfpack stories and published with her permission, my version differs in that I believe Mac is a Shifter as well. Being the Alpha Male of such a large pack isn't easy, though, particularly when he's dealing with a pushy Beta, an irrascable mate, and a dear friend whose life takes an unexpected turn when some humans take it upon themselves to play God, with nearly disasterous consequences.


No Angels Here (coming someday!)

(CSI:NY Alternate Universe) Basically, it's a wing!fic, meaning that everybody's got wings. And as we all know, everything is better with wings.