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Welcome To JetBlue Virtual Operations. Please Use The Sitemap To Navigate The Page!!!!

We are so glad you have decided to visit our website for either the first time, or coming back as a regular to fly a flight. Take time to look around our website and read what we are all about! This was started by me (an aviation enthusiast who absolutely loves to fly). we are constantly making updates to the site daily with new events and news for our either members or our possible future members. Please take time to read over the website before asking any questions. If you have questions of comments please feel free to email me at (and yes, we are aware that operations is spelled wrong in the web address above, this was the only way that we could get that address, Thanks though)    

Using the BVA server

We STRONGLY RECOMMEND  that our pilots fly their flights in a controlled airspace on the Boston Virtual ATC Server ( This helps our airline maintain a sense of realism. BVA is a fantastic way to do so! membership is absolutely free and the only thing you must know before joining, is the utmost knowledge about flying and aviation in general, due to the realism of the pilots and controllers, you must be a member who had passed their test, if you due so, you then must promise to maintain a sense of professionalism within the community to other pilots and to other controllers. For more information on Boston Virtual ATC, Visit their website