A full tutorial on how to use gmail on your cell phone!

A full tutorial on how to use gmail on your cell phone!

Alot of people don't know how to access G-Mail or any POP3 e-mail address, some even pay for it. So here's how to do it for free - and it's legal too!

First of all you must understand that the mail option in SE phones is for those mailboxes that support POP3. Gmail is the only free mail service that gives POP3 access, and the settings that I provide below are for gmail users only. If you have some other mailbox that gives POP3 access and want to set it up then this tutorial is not for you. before I get started with the tutorial, it is necessary to have GPRS enabled and running on your phone, in other words make sure that you can browse the internet on your phone before you get started with this tutorial.

Download Required Certificates!

You will need three certificates installed on your phone for gmail to work. These certificates are provided below. Click on them to download to your Hard disk.

Click to Download:Equifax_Secure_Certificate_Authority.cer

Click to Download:ThawtePremiumServerCA.cer

Click to Download:ThawteServerCA.cer

To install these certificates you must send them to your phone; either via Bluetooth or IrDA. Sadly these files cannot be installed via a card reader or a data cable. Once you send these files to your phone it will ask to install these certificates, just answer yes for all three.

Now that you have the certificates installed, its time to set up your account

Go to Menu > Messaging > Email > Setting

In Account Settings > New Account and enter the name for this account - Gmail.

Now enter this settings:

Connect using:select your GPRS account
Protocol: POP3
Incoming server: pop.gmail.com
Incoming port: enter 995
Encryption > Incoming server: select TLS/SSL
Encryption > Outgoing server:select TLS/SSL
Mailbox:enter your full mail address (yourname@gmail.com)
Password:enter your password
Outgoing server:smtp.gmail.com
Outgoing port:enter 465
Email address:enter again your full mail address (yourname@gmail.com)
Download: optional
From name:enter your name or nick that will be shown to recipients
Copy outgoing:optional On/Off
Check interval:optional checking for new emails in time intrervals

That's it!! You should now be able to send as well as receive emails on your SE phone.


- Wap / Internet for your Phone

-  A GMail account or any pop3 email

-  Any cell phone capable of POP3!

- The need to check your e-mail on your cell phone