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Jesús Postigo Gámez - Hamlet

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Shakespeare Lives

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The lasts weeks have been important in the English culture, specially in literature. This year was been 400 anniversary of the death of William Shakespeare, and has been celebrated all over the world, and in my school San Jose. We done many different activities, and all related with he. 

From simple activities to know the life of this famous writer, to the last one that we did, that was trying to recreate a scene of some of his works with the croma in the middle of the classroom. 

And always using the technology, almost all the homeworks we made by internet using tools as google sites,webs for infographics ... and many other.

Podcast Activity

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Alastair Savage,  Scottish Fiddle Journey

It is a very relaxed evening of Scottish fiddle from one of the best violinist from the country. His music is traditional from Edinburgh. He plays the acoustic violin and all his songs are folk style. 

Price: 10 pounds
Time: 19:30

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Allan Taylor - Endless Highway

It is a songwriting of a high level. He has 40 years of experience worldwide. His music is very beatiful, he uses an acoustic classical guitar only. 

Price: 12 pounds
Time: 20:30

(You can see the concerts on the internet via streaming in the official page of edfringe.com)
The perfomances will be on the 20,21 and 22 of August.


Princes Street

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Edinburgh Castle: Project Green Screen

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The capital of Scotland is Edinburgh from the year 1437, and according to the census of 2011, it has a population of 459 366. This city are divided in three zones, two districts and a port.

       -Old Town                                         -New Town                                    -Leith (port)                     

The annual temperature is 9ºC and is raining along all the year. 


Now, I am going to name a list with the most typical plates of Scotland:

-Haggis, scotch broth, and black pudding, stovies, cook a leekie, oatcakes...

The London Tube (Underground)

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The London Tube is an underground network of transport that joins any point of London. Exist 274 stations and 408 kilometres of tour.
                              His inauguration was in January, 1863. 

Bakerloo LineBrown1906Deep23 km
Central LineRed1900Deep74 km
Circle Line1Yellow1884Subsurface22 km
District Line²Green1868Subsurface64 km
Hammersmith & City Line3Pink1864Subsurface14 km
Jubilee LineGrey1979Deep36 km
Metropolitan LinePurple1863Subsurface67 km
Northern Line4Black1890Deep58 km
Piccadilly LineDark blue1906Deep71 km
Victoria LineLight blue1969Deep21 km
Waterloo & City Line5Turquoise1898Deep2 km

The first line of this tube , called Metropolitan Railway,it realized initially a distance between Paddington and Farringdon Street. This line has become in the first line of underground of the world.

Vídeo de YouTube

Buckingham Palace

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Is the official residence of the Queen Elizabeth II. Use for official ceremonies, visits of State and tourist visits. The Palace has 775 rooms, the building is 108 metres long across the front, 120 metres deep and 24 metres high.

buckingham palace
More than 50.000 people visit the Palace each year. Although Buckingham Palace is furnished and decorated with priceless works of art that form part of the Royal Collection, one of the major art collections in the world today.

Buckingham Palace

London Eye

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The famous London Eye, is one of the most famous landamarks in London and in the world. From the wheel, is possible to see perfectly almost all the city. A perfect place where you can go with the family! Now, a bit of information about the attraction:

(Standard Ticket)
Adult (16+) £23.00
Child (4-15) £17.00
Family (2 Adults, 2 Children) £80.00

--------------------------------------------Opening Times--------------------------------------------
1st November - 13th November:
Open daily (10.00 - 20.30)

14th November - 30th November:
Open daily (10.00 - 21.00)

-----------------------------------------Location and Directions-------------------------------------

The London Eye is situated on the South Bank of the river Thames, opposite the Houses of Parliament. The ticket office is located inside County Hall, which is the building directly next to the London Eye.

Information compiled of:

Structure of the text (about London)

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Exist many tips of landmarks in London for all the family. For the example, if you like the british culture, you can go to visit museums where you can find a lot of
information about the history of London on England.


London is one of the most famous and big cities of the world, for these reason, every year, millions of persons went here for to know her better.

Someone of the landmarks of London are, for example, the Tower Bridge, the Tower of London, the Queen Elizabeth Tower, and zones of this city how Candem Town. Many of this landmarks are in the zone of Westminster, this place is vey famous.

For London crosses the river Thames, during his tour for London, five bridges cross for him, the most famous is the Tower Bridge.


If you would visit other places, you can find a lot of activities around the city. As well as dancing, go to theme parks and festivals. In my opinion, London is a amazing city to visit where you cand do everything what you can imagine.


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