Welcome to my NON OFFICIAL/NON-COMMERCIAL Modding Portfolio!

I like to explore information, techniques and the use of art, 3D design software and music. I started to design small modifications for video games since 2009 and I continue doing it for passion. Currently I reside and study on Nevada, but I born in Mexico. The alias in which I had been posting my works online is JamyzGenius.

I have experience with:
  •   Gimp 2.0.
  •   Notepad++
  •   Sony Vegas
  •   Crazy Bump
  •   GTK Radiant
  •   3D Studio Max
  •   Unreal Engine 4
  •   Adobe InDesign
  •   Adobe Illustrator
  •   Adobe Photoshop
  •   Unreal Development Kit

I know about:
  •   Team Work.
  •   Level design.
  •   Organization.
  •   Texture editing.
  •   Coding for mods.
  •   Mod development.
  •   Cinematic scripting.
  •   XML file modification.
  •   Low Poly Prop Modelling.
  •   Character skin modification.
  •   Management of game assets for modding.
  •   Self-teaching and strong will to do what I love and passionate about.
  •   Preparation and clear brainstorm of ideas to make a strong solid modification.
  •   Bilingual. I can speak and write Spanish and English. I do have small troubles with English, but I am learning it everyday.

What I love the most and I am passionate about:
  • . Art
  • . Level Design
  • . Graphic Design
  • . Music and guitars
  • . The game development process

Games that I had modified in the past.
  • - Skyrim
  • - Jedi Knight: Jedi Outcast
  • - Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
  • - The Force Unleashed I and II
  • - Spiderman games via texmod

  • . Unreal Tournament 3
        - Maps

  • . Chivalry: Medieval Warfare
        - Maps

To know more about my works:

I don't have professional experience, but I do this as a hobby learning a lot every day with the sources I can get.
I also know how to work in a development team.

This is not a professional portfolio. I made this to help you contact me if you need help with a modification for the games that I listed.

Note: Not all of my works are in this portfolio. There had been many pieces that I lost over time, or was pure experimentation to learn. There is more than from what you see in here, and every year I am trying to improve my skills and technique. Most of what you see in this portfolio is old work that has been finished and that was on the spot, right to post it.


You can contact me on my e-mail:

KotOR 2 The Ravager on Unreal Engine 4