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2009-2010 Officer Retreat

Jesup FFA Officer Retreat

By Kristen Orth

            On Tuesday, July 28th, the Jesup FFA officer team gathered together for this year’s officer retreat, the theme being “Grillin’ Up Great Ideas!” The retreat was designed not only to plan out events and set chapter goals, but also to strengthen bonds between the teammates.

            The retreat was held at Lauren Riensche’s house. Riensche is currently the Jesup FFA President. There, she led the team through the day’s agenda. Mrs. Louise Fleming, the chapter adviser, also helped oversee the day’s schedule.

            The day began early with a quick breakfast before the business began. The team identified their personality type and discussed what each of them had to offer, not only the team but also the chapter and the community. Then, the team discussed goals and responsibilities for the year. Each member also revealed what they hoped to accomplish personally and for the chapter.

            Other items on the agenda included setting the Calendar of Events, planning the Program of Activities, reviewing the FFA Constitution, and discussing ideas for the chapter budget, fundraisers, and recruitment techniques. 

            In between official business items, the team participated in several activities to get to know their fellow officers better and consider what it means to be an officer. Officers each created an Officer Retreat photo frame and a worksheet dealing with the connection between being a servant and being a leader.

            The business aspect of the retreat ended with a toast to current and future members, teamwork, and to the success they each hoped to share throughout the year.

            Afterwards, the officers had the option of traveling to Cedar Rapids to join their teammates in an evening of fun at Planet X. Once there, the members turned on each other in a competitive game of laser tag and enjoyed smashing into each other during bumper cars. Once the few hours of fun and games had been spent, the team went out to dinner at the Cedar Rapids HuHot.

            The night concluded by celebrating the current Chapter Historian’s, Steven Orth’s, birthday. 

            Mrs. Fleming reflected upon the day, saying, “I believe that although this year’s officer team is young in experience, they will provide the chapter with sincere dedication and fresh ideas and allow the chapter to continue in its development.”

            “I also am confident that the team is very energetic and is going to keep me very busy.” she added with a laugh. 

            Overall, the day was extremely successful, not only in accomplishing the business aspect it takes to run a chapter, but also in giving the team the confidence they need to make this year a successful and memorable 75th anniversary.