I'm Sorry

I'm sorry I couldn't be the person you needed me to be
I'm sorry you have to deal with all my stupidity

I'm sorry for all the fights over meaningless things
I'm sorry he bought me a Christmas present that stings

I'm sorry that I can't always be there for you
I'm sorry that I don't always know what to do

I'm sorry that I can't make decisions right
I'm sorry that I don't know what to make for dinner at night

I'm sorry that I don't like to drive
I'm sorry that we fight when your only trying to help me survive

I'm sorry we don't agree when it comes to the kids
I'm sorry that I yell at you for something you didn't know you did

I'm sorry that I can't help out with money
I'm sorry that I don't always get it when you're trying to being funny

I'm sorry for making your mom feel bad
I'm sorry that it's sometimes hard for you to be a good dad

I'm sorry you have such a hard time dealing with your ex
I'm sorry that she hurt you, and made your life such a mess

I'm sorry that my son is tearing us apart
I'm sorry that I can't choose you, and must break your heart

I'm so so sorry that I can't be your wife
I'm sorry that I am selfish ... and took my own life..